Top 10 Weird & Funny Ways To Save Money

Everyone loves to save money, right? Well, just what extents are you willing to go to in order to have more cash in the bank?

We examine legitimate but weird and funny ways to save money and we think you’re going to like this. 

Our Favorite Peculiar And Amusing Ways To Keep Your Cash

Always Sleep When It’s Dark

Sure, you always sleep when it’s dark but we don’t mean “go to bed at midnight” here, we mean go to bed the moment that you need lights to see or read by. 

Electricity costs a small fortune and many of the world’s most famous frugal lifestyle folks say that this is one of their favorite ways to save money. 

We would note that it’s not a stupid thing to do, either, you’ll wake up earlier and feel better the next day too. Human beings are actually meant to sleep when the sun goes down, the electric light is a relatively new convenience as far as our lives go. 

Learn To Cut Your Own Hair

Well, ideally if you’re in a relationship, it can help to learn to cut each other’s hair but there are many people out there that do cut their own hair and they save a fortune on salon visits. 

Cut Your Own Hair

The hard part is doing the back of your head (to be fair, it’s easiest just to shave the back or all over if you’re partial to the skinhead look) but with practice it can be done really well.

If you’ve not been taught to cut your own hair, you don’t need to spend money on a college course to learn – there are plenty of videos on YouTube that are there to teach you and they’re (almost) free. 

Become A Hoarder

Look, we know that hoarding is a form of mental illness and we are not mocking those poor folks afflicted with an uncontrollable urge to collect whatever they find and never throw it out.

We’re just noting that if you don’t have such a desire, then the less you throw away, the more you can reuse and repurpose and this will save you money. 

In fact, this might be the perfect way to save the planet – if we all had to make everything we bought last for at least once more use, the amount of waste that we produce would dramatically decline overnight. 

Only Flush The Loo In An Emergency

The water bill is not as big a bill as the electricity bill but we’re looking to save money in any way that we can and thus, the toilet is fair game. 

We don’t mean never flush the loo. We mean only flush it when the odor is unpleasant or it’s filling up. This is also eco-conscious, water waste is something that we can ill-afford as a species. 

It might take a day or two but you’ll get used to it and you will save 1.6 gallons of water every time that you refrain from flushing. 

Take Showers Away From Home

And if you want to take that savings habit up a notch, then there’s the fact that showers use dozens of gallons per use and they burn electricity (assuming you like to be warm as you shower). 

Take Showers Away From Home

So, take your towel and head to work or to the gym and use their showers, instead. This costs nothing and gets you just as clean. 

We do know some people who try and do this in other people’s homes, which is OK as long as a.) you know those people and have permission and b.) you don’t mind losing friends. 

Don’t Use Soap Or Shampoo

Yes, we know, it sounds disgusting. But if you can prevent yourself from flinching for a second, you will suddenly realize that these are new inventions and human beings lived without them for hundreds of thousands of years.

As long as you use warm water, your hair naturally cleans, and no, it doesn’t smell unpleasant. And as long as you use warm water and a loofah or pumice, you can clean you skin without soap without stinking too. 

Note: The author hasn’t managed to break up with soap, but the last time they used shampoo was 18 months ago and their partner says their hair smells perfectly OK. 

Take Vacation At Christmas

Save money on buying Christmas presents! Go on vacation as the season arrives and return in the New Year and never mention Christmas again. Sure, this won’t make you any friends but that means you’ll save even more money not buying the friends you don’t have Christmas presents next year! 

Go Bin Diving For Your Food

Make sure to examine the legalities of this but if you’re allowed to go bin diving in your area – then it’s a great way to get free food.

Supermarkets throw out food when it reaches its “best before date” – the thing is these dates are often purely arbitrary and have nothing to do with the food quality at all. Taking this food and eating it – saves you a ton of money. 

Borrow Things From Your Neighbours

We’re not suggesting that you borrow a bed or your coffee mug from your neighbours but we are suggesting that you often don’t need to buy things you only use occasionally.

So, if you have a neighbour with an immaculate lawn – go borrow their lawn mower. If their trees are always in perfect shape – they probably have a chainsaw. That kind of thing. Just make sure to give things back. 

Talk About Politics And Religion Whenever You Can

Finally, if you find that friends, family and a partner are all an unnecessary expense, you can get rid of them easily enough by talking loudly and obnoxiously about politics and religion whenever they are present. 😉 We’ve not tried this but we guarantee that it works 

Final Thoughts On Weird & Funny Ways To Save Money

OK, that last one might be a step too far but all of the other weird and funny ways to save money are legit. So, go forth and save your cash! 

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