Top 10 Side Hustles for New and Expecting Moms

Top 10 Side Hustles for New and Expecting Moms

Top 10 Side Hustles For New And Expecting Moms

We know, when you’ve got a new addition to the family on the way; you need extra money but… you don’t always have a huge amount of spare time to dedicate to making that money. Little ones can be time consuming. So, with that in mind we’ve come up with a top 10 side hustles for new and expecting moms that you can fit into your day.


woman babysitting reading book

If you’re going to be taking care of your own kiddos, what’s one more? Or two more for that matter? Babysitting is a really popular way for new moms to earn some extra cash.

In fact, it’s amazing how lucrative this can become – particularly if you get some childcare qualifications while you do it. There are stay at home moms banking up to $4,000 a month taking care of other people’s kids while they look after their own!

The best way to get work is via word of mouth recommendations from family and friends but there are also websites out there dedicated to helping you out like Sittercity and Sitter.

Pet Sitting

It’s not quite as lucrative as baby sitting but if you’re already caring for pets and you find them easier to handle than more children then pet sitting is a great way for a new mom to earn a few extra pennies each week.

How many extra pennies? Well, we talked to a few pet sitters and they say you can expect between $25 and $50 per day per pet. So, if you took care of a couple of pets a week (5 days) at the midpoint – you’d be picking up about $1,600 a month!

Wondering where to get started? Well, again we’d look for word of mouth tips but if you can’t find anything right on the doorstep – Rover is a good way to find pet sitting jobs online.

Set Up An Online Store

OK, this is a bit more work, but it doesn’t have to be masses of work either. The trick is not to start from scratch. Instead of building a website to sell products, sourcing products and then finding customers. You use one of the many online retail services to cut that work right down.

Etsy and Shopify, for example, let you build retail stores in minutes online that you can stock with your own products. Amazon FBA goes even further; you can send them your stock and they keep it in the warehouse and fulfill orders as you get them.

There is a start up cost to setting up an online store, but you shouldn’t pay much more than $100 total to get things moving.

Set Up A Blog

Blogging isn’t easy money. In fact, most people who start a blog never make any money. So, why do we recommend it? Precisely, because it isn’t easy money. The people who fail to make money blogging? They give up too soon. It takes about 8 months to rank a blog in Google. Most people quit before they start to get traffic because they don’t know that.

So, it’s a long haul proposition blogging. You can’t just do it once and make a fortune. You need to keep going and going and going but if you stick at it – not only is it profitable (many bloggers make 6 or even 7-figures) but it will keep paying even while you are asleep. Which is the ideal work for a new mom!

We recommend setting up your blog using WordPress on Bluehost.

notebook and laptop on table

Flipping Cars

We don’t mean literally flipping cars because even the strongest mom is going to be pretty tired after that, but we do mean purchasing cars for less money than they are worth because they’re dirty or run down and doing a little work on them.

Then you sell them for much more than you paid for them. You could easily make $500-$1,500 per car that you flip as long as you know what you’re doing. So, we recommend this because it’s not very hard but with the caveat that you must know your cars to make it work.

You can sell your cars wherever you think they will do best – from local noticeboards to online adverts.

Rent Out A Room In Your House

bedroom with lamp

We know that single moms always have a big intake of breath when they think about doing this but… if you take sensible precautions this can be a brilliant way of earning a little extra money with the assets you already have.

You need to take care to advertise in a way that attracts the kind of people who are going to be OK living alongside a single mom and who are not going to take advantage of your situation. Then you follow this with a long careful interview with prospective tenants and make sure to take up their references before you agree on anything.

This can add hundreds of dollars a month to your household income with almost no effort required.

Rent Out Your Dri​veway

This won’t work for every mom because in order to rent out your driveway – you need to be in a location people want to park in to make it useful but if you live near a concert stadium. You could get yourself $10/per car/per night easy. If you don’t want to deal with the customers; just hire a teenager to do it and split the profits.

Become A Transcriptionist

Little children and cables don’t mix – so please make sure to set up your workstation carefully but this is a pretty easy way to make money. Transcriptionists typically work from home and they listen to audio cassettes (or files) provided by clients and then type out the contents “transcribing” so that the client can use the content in written form.

You do need an ear and an eye for detail, but this will pay roughly $20/hour in most states and it’s the ideal side hustle for when your little ones are having their afternoon nap.

Bake Stuff For Cash

I know, this sounds like real work, but many moms love to bake for their families, so why not get some cash doing what you love? Home baking isn’t for everyone because it requires some legit baking skills.

Your cakes, breads, etc. need to look like products people would pay money for – something that I freely admit, mine don’t. They’re still tasty, mind you but they’re not pretty enough.

chocolate chip cookies

If your baked goods are better than mine. Then why not make $10-$15 an hour from home baking stuff for other people?

Be A Virtual Assistant

We’ve spoken to a ton of new moms and this may be the most popular way to earn cash going. Becoming a virtual assistant.

What’s a virtual assistant? It’s someone who does various, (completely legal and ethical), tasks for customers online. So, you might be asked to book a flight for an executive or to create Pinterest pins for a busy blogger.

It pays fairly well with the typical starting salaries around $20-$50 an hour depending on where you live and your skills. It’s also very easy work to fit in around child raising and while it is self-employed, it can be more dependable than other forms of work too.

The biggest challenge can be finding clients and again we recommend that you ask around your family and friends for some leads. If that doesn’t work; you can probably find a start on peopleperhour or Upwork. Be warned though, it can be tough to break through on these online job forums.

Drive With Uber

person driving car

We have some reservations about working with Uber. The bright side is that it’s easy to get started and absolutely anyone with a clean car and a driving license can make some money doing it. The downside is that we think Uber’s rates are low and that you’re going to have to work a lot of hours if you want to make decent money.

So, in the end it’s 10th on our list because it’s a way to make money that isn’t particularly taxing but which also, isn’t going to make you rich.

If you want to get started with Uber. You just sign up through their link and then upload a copy of your driver’s license. And you will be ready to pick up your first customer in no time at all!


So, there we have it. 10 side hustles that ought to be open to almost any mom during the time of pregnancy or just after it. Please, don’t take on more work than you can handle because your health and your child’s health is paramount but don’t be afraid to spread your wings a little.

You can earn very reasonable money from home if you pursue a lucrative side hustle that suits the way you like to work and the way you like to raise your family. Let us know in the comments below what you think.