Top 10 Cashback Shopping Sites In 2019

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Hi, it’s Susan and today, I’ll be walking you through the wonderful world of cashback shopping sites.

I am a firm believer in “a penny saved is a penny earned” and this is the way to ensure that you save more than a penny on your shopping.

What Is A Cashback Shopping Site?

A cashback shopping site is a website that gives you a percentage of what you spend back in cash when you shop with a partner store.

It’s essentially a paid commission that the website is sharing with you – the customer.

Cashback sites are mainly found in the United States though they are beginning to emerge in India too.

That’s because they need a lot of shoppers in order to reach the volumes they need to be profitable.

Now, don’t go out and spend a fortune that you don’t need to – that won’t save you any money.

But do check these sites whenever you’re going to buy something, with kickbacks of between 1% and 20% you don’t want to miss out.

My Favorite Cash Back Sites In 2018

The internet is a fickle thing and you need an up to date list of cash back sites; that’s because unpopular sites can find they have to reduce cash back to stay afloat.

So, with that in mind here are my favorite cash back sites of 2019.


eBates offers cash back whenever you book a hotel, buy fashion or electronic products or pick up healthcare items. They also have a bunch of coupons that will save you additional money whenever you go shopping in over 2,000 stores throughout the country. There even flash deals and other promotions there. It’s one of the best cashback sites today.

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iBotta is the granddaddy of the cash back space. They were the first people to offer cash back on groceries and given that they are often the largest household expense – that’s always a good thing. I particularly like their mobile app which is really handy when you’re on the go. They work with some of the country’s leading brands and more than 80 different retailers to help you earn cash however you shop.



There are 15 million Americans using Swagbucks and they know what they’re doing. Swagbucks is awesome and unlike most cash back programs, it lets you get savings when you’re overseas too in other English language speaking nations such as Canada, the UK or Australia. Best of all, you get $5 just for signing up. So, what are you waiting for?

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ShopTracker (Harris Poll Online)

Harris is a very well-known survey brand which runs ShopTracker a great little app-based cash back program. You get $36 for sharing your Amazon purchase history with them each year and there’s a $3 sign up bonus for new users. That makes ShopTracker an absolute must for your cashback plans.

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BeFrugal’s a great way to get some easy cash back on your purchases. They guarantee that they will give you the highest cashback rates and are happy to throw in some coupons and special subscriber only deals to save you more money. There’s also a happy $10 sign on bonus for BeFrugal and that’ s one of the highest sign up bonuses there is!

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Piggy has the cutest site mascot of any cash back site and it’s got quite a clever advantage over some of the others – it adds coupons automatically when you shop and that guarantees you won’t miss out on any discounts. They also cover over, 3000 stores nationwide which is handy.  They claim they’ve saved people over $20 million now.

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Checkout 51

I like Checkout 51 because it’s one of the few cashback sites that offers savings on groceries. What I don’t like about it is that it requires you to upload and scan your receipts which isn’t very well automated. However, if you want to get as much free money as you can – you must use Checkout 51 as one of your cash back choices.

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Paribus is a very different cash back site. It doesn’t work by saving you money at the checkout. It works by scanning your recent purchases for price drops and then demanding that Amazon price matches and refunds the difference. How cool is that? You can save even after you’ve shopped. Just connect Paribus to your Amazon account and let the refunds roll in!

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Snap By Groupon

You’ll already be familiar with Groupon and their cunning methods of turning us all into large group buyers to get big discounts on stuff, but they also own a Cashback site called Snap that you might not have heard of.

You need to download their app on your smartphone, look for their featured products, buy them, snap a photo of the receipt and send it in. Then money comes into your Snap account and once you’ve earned $20 they pay it out in cash. Easy, really.



Healthy eaters will love BerryCart which gives big discounts on healthy goods from stores like Walmart, Target, Sprouts and WholeFoods. Then once the cashback is in your account, it can be withdrawn instantly via PayPal which makes BerryCart awesome in my book.

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So, there you have it. These are my Top 10 Cashback Shopping Sites in America in 2018. Of course, there may be others emerge this year and I may update this list later on but this should be perfect to get you started.

If you could save just 5% of what you spend each year, that would be thousands of dollars back that you could invest or use on something you really wanted. A penny saved is a penny earned. So, please make sure you sign up for all of these programs today and get saving now.

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