Teach English Online, No Bachelor’s Degree Needed – Make Up To $26 An Hour!

One of the best ways to make real money at home is to teach English to foreign students online. Unlike surveys and cashbacks, the money is decent and regular though it is also a real job and you can’t just dip in and out when you feel like.

The Biggest Stumbling Block When Teaching English Online

The trouble is that many people are excluded from teaching English online because they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. This is pretty silly because you don’t need a degree to hold a conversation and that’s what this kind of teaching amounts to.

The good news is that Magic Ears is happy to take people without a bachelor’s degree. However, you must be from the US or Canada and you must have some previous online teaching experience.

If you don’t have such experience… don’t panic. Magic Ears have said that if you can put together a quick video to go with your application which highlights your personality and shows your enthusiasm, they may hire you anyway.

The Hiring Process

To get hired by Magic Ears where the salary is up to $26/hour, you: apply online, do an interview and then a demo class, undertake their training, do a trial class or two, complete a background check and then sign on the dotted line as a teacher.

You must commit to a 6-month contract if you want to be hired by Magic Ears. You teach 30-minute classes with 4 students at a time. Each class consists of 25 minutes of actual teaching and a 5-minute evaluation of the students’ progress at the end.

It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding. It’s also a chance to meet interesting people from other countries!

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