Why Everyone’s Serious About Earning With Swagbucks Surveys

If you haven’t heard about Swagbucks, where have you been? They’re the biggest survey site on the Internet today. 20 million Americans use Swagbucks to make money every month.

They are one of the most popular sites in the game but are they the best? Let’s find out.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Swagbucks

When Swagbucks is good, it’s great. You can make decent money from their surveys but… they also have a pretty high rejection rate compared to some of the other survey companies.

Disqualification can run to 80%-90% some days and I do find that frustrating. Sure, the rewards are good when you’re accepted but you need to be accepted to make it worth your while, right?

However, they do pay you a little compensation for being rejected for the first 5 surveys of the day. After that, you might as well move on to another app and come back the next day. The acceptance rate is too low to keep trying without any reward.

The brightest side of Swagbucks is the flexibility of their rewards. You can turn it into Amazon cards, Hulu Cards, Starbucks vouchers and more. I love being able to get a few more nice things from my surveys and this is the perfect excuse to take vouchers not money.

I wouldn’t use Swagbucks as my favorite site even though it’s one of the most popular options. I do use it, however, and keep it as a back up for when I’ve exhausted other options. Oh and if you sign up with the link below, you’ll get a $5 head start which means you’re going to get paid for your first surveys. Enjoy.

You can get signed up at Swagbucks on their site here.

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