Rate Music For Money With Slice The Pie

I love my work! Discovering new ways to make money or save money gives me an absolute thrill. Not everything works for everybody and I see it as my mission to give you as many options as possible – so that you can find something that will work for you.

You can make money from home. You can make money in the bathroom if you want. You can make money online. You can make money in the real world. But it’s not very often you get a chance to make money like I’m offering you today – by listening to music and reviewing it.

The Lost Art Of The Review

Many years ago, I used to love writing reviews of music. I even managed to get a few of them published. But over time, music magazines died and they were replaced by webzines. There were so many webzines that they stopped being able to pay their writers. After all, if you have thousands of people working for free, why pay for them?

Then I discovered Slice The Pie. It’s a new form of music site and it will pay you for reviews. Of course, in an age of free reviews – it still doesn’t pay enough to live on by listening to music alone but it is a nice way to make a few bucks each month while enjoying a wide range of new tunes.

Regular Payouts Too

One of the best things about Slice The Pie is they pay out twice a week. Regular as clockwork. Tuesdays and Fridays are paydays and I often find myself trying to squeeze in “just one more song” to add a little boost to the weekend.

You can sign up with Slice The Pie here start getting paid to listen to music today.

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