Refer Your Friends To Cool Services And Get Cash

We’re on a mission to help people find new ways to work from home and earn a decent living. Now, many of the ideas we’re going to share with you aren’t going to make you rich. However, if you combine several of them – you can earn a decent living and build some capital to invest and support better means of earning more money.

So, with that in mind – Get Referred is a program that allows you to recommend decent services to your friends and for you to get paid for that referral. It’s a great scheme for those of you with large social media networks. If you only know 30 people on Facebook… you’re going to need more contacts to make it worthwhile.

How Does It Work?

Take one of our favorite cashback and survey providers, Swagbucks. Swagbucks is always looking for new people to join their network. If you sign up for Swagbucks today through our referral link, you get a $5 head start in your account compared to other users.

Now, if you then take your new Swagbucks account and visit Get Referred, you can sign up to become a Swagbucks referral partner. They will give you a small commission whenever you send someone their way.

There are a lot of schemes that operate with Get Referred; examples include MoviePass, Root, Venmo, Google Express, Samsung Pay and many, many more.

So, you can pick brands that you love and services you truly would recommend and get paid for letting your friends and family know about them.

If you referred 100 people to Samsung Pay in a month, for example, you’d earn $500! That’s a pretty good return for just passing on a link.

So, check out Get Referred today and start referring!