5 Ways To Reduce Your Bills This Month

We all hate paying our bills, right? Yet, none of us can escape them. So, let’s look, instead, at ways that we can reduce our bills and have more to spend on ourselves or to save for our futures. Cut your bills not your cash.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast

I hate credit card debt. It comes with insanely high-interest rates and people end up spending years of their life, chained to a desk working for the banks. Consider cutting up your cards and taking a low-interest loan to pay off the balance – it will save you a fortune in the long run.

Let Nielsen Into Your Life

We love the Nielsen group and their consumer panel provides you a scanner (or you can use your smartphone) and then you scan the contents of the barcodes in your shopping bags. In exchange, they give you gift points which can be spent on household items. You can also win big money prizes!

Set Squeeze On Your Bills

Squeeze is a site that lets you comparison shop to your heart’s content on many of the expenses you face in life such as insurance, auto loans, student loans, etc. It’s very much worth setting up an account and letting it slash your expenses.

Get refunds for what you’ve already spent

Paribus works online and works out if there were rebates applicable to your shopping and then it claims them for you! It’s a free service and it works very well.

Pay Your Bills On Time And Get Paid For It

MoneyLion is a neat app that lets you manage all your financial habits under one roof and rewards you (in gift cards) for good behavior such as logging in to the site or for paying your bills on time.

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