PrizeRebel Offers You A Sweet Pay Day For Surveys

It’s time to get earning and today, I have a great site for you: PrizeRebel. This one should have a lot of you excited because it’s a great way to earn a decent amount each month without too much hassle.

Here’s what you need to know about PrizeRebel:

  • Sign up is quick and painless. This is important because we’ve found a couple of survey sites that want an hour or more of your time to sign up – that’s not OK unless they’re paying you. I used the sign up via Facebook option and was up and running in minutes
  • Complete surveys for points. There are no PrizeRebel surveys, instead, the company plays host for a bunch of internet marketing companies to do their surveys. Each survey you complete gets paid in points.
  • Turn points into cash (or rewards). This is self-explanatory, you’re not in this for points, you’re in it for prizes. Take your PrizeRebel points and get paid.
  • There are regular surveys. You definitely won’t get rich with PrizeRebel but a few minutes a day will net you a couple of bucks most days. That’s $60 a month! Which is nice.
  • Get paid in a reasonable time. Payouts arrive within a couple of weeks of requesting them which makes PrizeRebel one of the faster sites to pay out too.
  • Earn on referrals. You can also join a referral scheme and earn a little on every person that you recommend to PrizeRebel. If you have a lot of family and friends this could earn you more than the surveys do.

Overall, What I Think

It’s not my Number 1 pick for survey sites but PrizeRebel is pretty good. It’s well worth having in your portfolio of sites and you will earn enough to make it worth your while.

You can get a free account here.

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