The Most Popular Survey Site To Make Money With Is Pinecone Research

If you follow Money Nuts regularly then you’ll know that one of the easiest ways to make money in your spare time is through survey sites. The most popular survey site of them all, by far, is Pinecone Research and I’d like to explain why I think that is.

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Pinecone Research’s Competitive Edge

I think the reasons that Pinecone Research is so popular are:

  1. It’s a $3 minimum on each survey. A lot of survey sites hide the payout until the end and have no guaranteed payout. It’s pretty frustrating to get to the end of a 20 minutes survey and be given 25 cents for it. Pinecone has a $3 minimum and always explains how much a survey is worth in advance.
  2. They pay by PayPal. Waiting around for a check seems to be an act of supreme irony when you do the work online. Pinecone’s payments have hit my PayPal in under an hour once and they’re always there within a few days of asking for them to be processed.
  3. You get free products AND get paid for using them. When they want your opinion on a product, they send it to you for free. Then they pay you to answer the questionnaire about it. That’s the best deal of any survey site.
  4. There are no ways to be disqualified. If you’re offered a survey, it’s yours to take. Pinecone doesn’t pull the ugly stunt, that some survey sites do, of letting you answer half a survey before telling you that you don’t qualify.

If you don’t join Pinecone’s team and you’re serious about making money through surveys, you must be crazy or living outside of North America. It’s the best site around and people love it.

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