PinchMe Review Reveals Samples Galore & Savings

How would you like to try products at home and get to keep them for free?

Well, that’s the way that PinchMe works and I think you’ll be quite excited to get your chance to get free household products and give your opinions on them.

Join PinchMe

How Does PinchMe Work?

Before you get any freebies, you have to sign up on their site. You can join here.

It’s a painless process and doesn’t require too much in the way of form filling. They want a reasonable amount of data to help the marketing companies with the free products make decisions on who gets what.

Once you’ve been accepted, you want to visit the site on Tuesday at 12 p.m. Eastern Time. That’s because this is when their new products are all released. In an average week they will have 3-5 products, and, in some weeks, they will have many more.

You Have To Request Your Products

There is no absolute right to the products for any member. You must request them and the earlier that you do this – the more likely you are to get them.

Some products will have specific requirements you must meet, and these are usually very clearly labeled. There’s no point in asking for children’s products if you have no children, for example, they want them to be used by kids not adults.

No Cash Pay?

No, there’s no cash paid by PinchMe but they do have weekly draws for members to win gift cards to spend in their favorite stores.

There are also occasional offers on PinchMe similar to those you see on survey sites but if you do complete these surveys you get a discount on a product and don’t get cash for them.

If you want free stuff you’ll want to sign up with PinchMe immediately.

Join PinchMe