Get Paid To Speak Your Mind With Opinion Outpost

Not all of the survey sites online are created equally. While there are lots of options out there – not all of them will put cash in your pocket. That’s often because they simply don’t have enough work to go around for all their members.

Opinion Outpost is different. You’ll easily be able to cash out in Amazon vouchers or real money every month and that makes it one of my favorite survey sites on the Internet today.

There’s also a draw each quarter with all members getting an entry to win for every point they earn on Opinion Outpost. The top prize there is $10,000. You’d only have to win once for Opinion Outpost to be the best survey site ever, right?

It’s All Surveys On Opinion Outpost

Unlike some of the other survey sites – Opinion Outpost is all about the surveys there are no distractions to lead you off to watch videos or surf the net.

When you log in to Opinion Outpost you’ll be given a list of surveys to access. You begin a survey in qualification mode. If you qualify you can complete the whole survey for money, if not – you get an entry to win that $10,000 and try again.

But How Many Do You Qualify For?

It’s important to be honest on Opinion Outpost because you’ll see the same questions time and again. I think if they catch you lying, you’re going to lose access to the surveys.

However, honesty does mean that you’re not going to qualify for some surveys. I find it reasonable to expect to qualify for between 1 in 3 and 1 in 2 surveys each time you log on.

You can cash out with $5 earned (as long as you take Amazon vouchers) and I picked up my first payout on the day I opened an account. You won’t make a full-time living on Opinion Outpost but it will pay for the occasional treat in life.

You can get more information about Opinion Outpost on their site here

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