Transform Your Life By Saving One Extra Dollar A Day

What if I told you, you could turn $1 day saved over the course of 5 years into $150,000?

You’d probably laugh at me but it’s true all the same. Here’s what you need to know about how saving can transform your life.

My Story

My name is Susan Gold. My husband and I used to be broke. We had mad student debts. No hope of a home of our own. We weren’t happy about it.

Then we saw the light. We had to change our situation and no-one else was going to do it for us.

We needed to look at how we worked with money and take back control. We had to make our money work for us more and work for our money, less.

Darren took charge of the earning more side of the equation. I took charge of the making our money work for us more side of things.

Today, we have no debt. We own a beautiful home. Our two children want for nothing. We travel the world when we want to. We want to share with you what we’ve learned. And today, I am going to share with you the power of a single dollar a day saved.

Why $1?

I picked a dollar because it’s a trivial amount of money. Almost anyone in America can, with a little effort, save a single dollar every day.

It was important to me that everyone could join me in this quest for $150,000. If I put a bigger number out there – some people might feel it was impossible and not join in. But this is simply the search for a buck a day.

Saving A Dollar A Day

A picture of some lovely sandwiches. You can make economies without hurting your lifestyle and this is a great way to do it.

You only have to cut one expense to save $1. Switch your coffee from shop bought to instant. Boom! You’ll save more than $1.

Bring sandwiches to work rather than eating out. Bang! Same thing.

Switch your floor cleaner from brand to non-brand. That’ll bring in a buck.

Stop wearing labels and start wearing cheap Chinese imports. You’ll save way more than $1.

Wherever you look in your life, there’s the opportunity to save $1. Work out how you will save that money and then do it.

That Leads To $30 A Month

$30 won’t change your life but it would pay for a new CD, some nice makeup, a trip to the movies, or cover a new book. It’s not a huge sum of money but it’s a nice sum of cash. My kids certainly wouldn’t turn down $30 if you offered it to them (please don’t though).

But what if you could keep saving for a year?

That’s $360 In A Year

An image of a plane in the skies. A single year of saving $1 a day and you could go somewhere new.

Now, $360 (which is $30 x 12 months) is more significant than $30 on its own. It would probably cover your electric bill for a month. It would pay for a plane ticket to somewhere else. It might help you repair your car. There are a lot of things that we can do with $360.

But… once again, they’re not exactly earth-shattering expenses either. So, why not keep hold of that money for a little while longer. Why not let it change your life for the better?

After 5 Years That’s $1,800!

$1,800. That’s what you get for placing a crisp $1 bill in a cookie jar each day for 5 years. No interest paid on it. No investments made. Just the act of saving a buck and putting it away for a rainy day. I don’t recommend that you do that, mind you. It’s better to pay the money into a savings account – some interest is better than no interest. So it might be more than $1,800 at this point.

Hang on… you said $150,000! $1,800 is nice. It would pay for a small vacation or new computers for my kids but it ain’t going to change my life!

I did say $150,000 and I meant it.

This Is How $1,800 Becomes $150,000

If you were to take that $1,800 today and buy into an index-tracking fund and it were to make 4% annually (compounding just once a year), in 35 years – it would be worth $150,000!

In fact, 4% is a very conservative estimate. Index tracking funds have generally performed about twice as well as this. Which means you might have $300,000 when you’re ready to retire!

That’s right. A single dollar a day for 5 years can lead you to retire with a very nice lump sum. What could you do with $300,000?

Buy a home? A new car? Travel the world for years? I can think of a lot of ways to make that $1 a day’s payout into something incredible. I bet you can too, right?

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Now Let’s Take That Idea A Step Further

An image of money cascading down as two people reach a commitment for a better life.

Darren and I were not making a fortune when we started saving money. Darren did start blogging and did start making a little extra income, but it wasn’t a fortune, to begin with.

I, however, found that with just a little cunning, we could save a lot of money – I used cashback sites, for example, to help me get some of what we spent back each month.

I found that on our bad days, we could tuck an extra $10 away without noticing it. On our good days, it could be as much as $20 or even $50!

If you could save $10 a day for 5 years and then you invested it in an index tracking fund. It would be worth $1.5 million at 4% and $3 million at past rates in 35 years’ time. Now, $3 million is enough to change anybody’s life.

$20 a day would bring between $3 and $6 million and $50 would give you an incredible $7.5 – $15 million!

Can you see how the power of small savings might unlock a brighter future for you and your family? I think you can. So, get started now. Work out how you’re going to save $1 a day and start saving now!

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