You Can Get Big Rewards With The Nielsen Consumer Panel

The logo for NCP one of the biggest research and paid survey opportunities on the Internet today.

One of my favorite ways to make a little extra is with the Nielsen Consumer Panel (NCP). Yes, they’re the same people that do the TV ratings and yes, that means they’re one of the biggest and most reputable survey companies around.

They also run a consumer panel which examines what we buy. This panel offers rewards to people who join.

Here’s Why I Like Them So Much

  • There is no sign-up fee to join the NCP and no membership charge which means everyone can try them and evaluate them for themselves, risk-free.
  • The NCP program is one of the best explained and easiest to use on the market.
  • They ship you a scanner to evaluate your purchases and that scanner is also free of charge and shipping is free too.
  • If you want to quit, you can at any time – so there’s no obligation to take part and yes, they also collect and ship the scanner free of charge when you quit.
  • The company is excellent for customer service and you won’t lack for support.
  • You only need to do your scanning once a week.
  • You can earn a bunch of rewards in a lot of different ways.
  • There are big value sweepstakes entries provided too and you can win up to $20,000 (though I haven’t won $20,000, yet).

However, it is worth noting that NCP is a little bit of a slow burn compared to say Pinecone Research and it will take a bit longer to earn rewards with them. So, you may want to use NCP as a backup survey company rather than as your primary choice.

Entry to the program is simple. You need to be an adult who lives in the United States and complete the sign-up process. Occasionally, they’ll say that a particular area is not currently available – then you’ll need to check back at another time to see if it has opened up again.

Join The Nielsen Consumer Panel Today And Start Earning