Top 10 Money Saving Tips You Can Use Today

I love saving money. It’s the biggest rush of them all.

But there’s no point in saving money, unless you’re getting something you really need.

I used to kid myself that when I went shopping I was “saving money” because things were on “sale”. I wasn’t. I was just spending money and making up an excuse.

Now I save money all the time and I do it by making sure I only do it with things I need. So here are my tips that will save you money, right now, on things you need.

Don’t Pay To See Your Credit Score

Thinking about a loan or a new card or a mortgage and want to know if your credit score is up to it? DON’T PAY to see that score.

Go to Credit Sesame instead. You can check your credit report for free three times a year (once per major credit bureau – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). So roughly once every 4 months!

Take A Packed Lunch To Work

Buying lunch is expensive. Not in the money you spend each day but the amount you spend in a year. It’s roughly $3,000 to buy lunch every day for a year.

Pack a lunch instead. If you’re spending less than $10 on ingredients (and you should be) you’re saving money. Easy, right?

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Buy a reusable bottle. Then buy a water filter. Put the filtered water in the reusable bottle and carry it everywhere. This can save $100+ a year on buying bottled water.

Get Your Phone Bill Down

You aren’t required to use the major carriers to get a cell service. In fact, Republic Wireless has plans that start at $15 a month which are much better value for money than the major carriers. Think about how much that could save you each year.

Get more info on their website here.

Quit Smoking Save Money AND Your Life

I know it’s hard. I was once a smoker too. But it is disgusting, it does not do anything for you and someone who smokes a single pack a day will save $150-$450 a month by quitting. Save your life and save money? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

By the way, it’s hard for the first week to give up and then it’s all plain sailing. I’ve been smoke-free for 5 years now. You can do it, I promise!

Buy A Programmable Thermostat AND Save The Planet Too

The temperature goes up and down during the day, make sure you’re not paying to cool or heat your home unnecessarily. A programmable thermostat [NB2] lets you set the precise temperatures you want all day and night long. You can save $100’s a year with this tactic.

Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

Credit cards? They’re great for cashback and reward points when you clear the balance each month. Otherwise? They suck. The interest rates are terrible and for every $1 you carry on your card, you’re working 30% longer than you have to each year to earn the same amount. That really sucks. Pay off credit card debt a.s.a.p.

You could even consider a consolidation loan to pay them off but if you take one cut up the cards… you don’t want to end up back in debt. Consolidation loans attract much less interest.

Refinance Student Loans

Did you know that Credible can refinance student loans at a much lower rate of interest? This can really help you pay back those loans faster and get out of debt.

Quit The Gym

You don’t need a gym to exercise. You especially don’t need the bill from the gym each month. Dump the gym and start cycling or jogging or using homemade weights and save a small fortune without losing your shape.

Use AIrBnB On Vacation

AIrBnB is much cheaper and often much nicer than a hotel. Sign up today and save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation without cutting any corners.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, my favorite savings tips.

There will be more to come. Keep your eyes peeled but always remember that a penny saved is the same as a penny earned.

Do you have any frugal tips for me? I’d love to hear them!

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