Foap Is The Side Hustle For Shutterbugs

Oh wow! We just heard about this and had to share it with you!

You see while not everyone can afford a fancy DSLR camera or the time it takes to master one, everyone has a smartphone now.

It turns out that you can make some really good money with the camera on it.

Welcome To Foap

Foap is a new free app available for both Android and iOS smartphones (sorry Windows users but there’s no version available for you). You sign up online for free and then download the app to your phone.

When it’s on your phone, you can use it to upload any or all of the photos you’ve taken with that phone and advertise them for sale on their website. Every time that someone buys one of the photos – you get paid half of whatever Foap takes.

Now, that might sound like a big commission but firstly, it’s in line with the kind of money that big photo sites take now and Getty Images, the world’s largest photo sales site, takes 80-90%! So, it’s a fair rate.

Secondly, you weren’t monetizing your phone photos before were you? So, it’s infinitely better than not getting paid for your photos at all.

$2,000 A Month? Really?

Yes, really but it won’t come overnight. That’s what the top users are clearing. Here are our hints for getting into that bracket:

  • Post as many photos as you can. The bigger your catalog, the more you can earn just don’t upload rubbish photos.
  • Diversify the things you take photos of. The more subjects you capture, the more choice that clients have, the more likely you are to meet their needs.
  • Use relevant tags on the images. Keywords are kind, so don’t be afraid to add an awful lot of tags to your images.

If you want to earn even more money with your phone, check out survey sites that pay for your opinion!

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