Make Extra Cash Proofreading In Your Spare Time

Many of our readers are looking to make extra money in their spare time but they’re often frustrated by the opportunities that allow for self-employment. Saving money and running a car, for example, are often opposite goals and that can mean Lyft or Uber are out of scope.

One thing everyone can do, however, is make some cash as a proof-reader.

What Does A Proof-reader Do?

It’s pretty simple. Proof-readers read other people’s work and correct the mistakes in spelling and grammar. They normally get paid on a per word rate and can work from absolutely anywhere they want to.

Proof-reading is an ideal work from home opportunity but it’s also the sort of job you could tackle in an hour between appointments or even while commuting. It doesn’t require any special equipment, just a good grasp of the English language (or any the language you want to proofread) and reliability.

I’ve Never Proof Read Before!

You don’t need much in the way of experience but if you’d like a little training before you get started seeking out work – why not check out this free 7-day course that teaches you everything you need to know as a professional proofreader. Yes, it’s really free.

How Do I Find Work?

Well, if you complete that 7-day course, you’ll find plenty of warm leads for paid work but you’re not limited to those channels. Talk to newspapers or publications in your area, talk to businesses which are always seeking to improve documentation, you can even speak to students (post-graduates, in particular, often need help in this area), to find work.

Proof-reading is a great work from home career. It pays real money. It’s very flexible and it requires no investment to get started. Why not start today?

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