Join PointClub And Get $5 Right Now!

Hi! It’s me Susan and I wanted to let you know about a site that I recently discovered that pays you to complete surveys; PointClub.

I love survey sites. I think they’re perfect for filling in a bit of time in a busy day to make a few extra bucks. I also think they’re awesome for you to earn some easy money to get you some seed capital to move on to better-paid work from home.

Survey sites are a woman’s best friend and often a man’s best friend too. So, what is PointClub like?

Points Mean Money

As you might expect with a name like PointClub, you aren’t getting paid in cash for each activity you undertake, you’re getting paid in points.

That means you must understand who the points relate to the payouts. 1,000 points are $1. So, don’t be fooled by big numbers, they aren’t quite as generous as they first appear when you realize that one point is 0.1 cents. However, their payouts aren’t bad either.

I find that most surveys are short and pay about 5,000 points. They also have a daily chance to win 10,000 points for logging on and I won once!

You can get a lot of different cash and gift options at PointClub. From iTunes to Home Depot, the choices are massive. You need 25,000 points to claim your first gift card. It took me about 2 weeks of very occasional use to earn that – your mileage may vary.

Watch out when you take the surveys though, they do use “trick questions” to make sure you’re not just pushing a bunch of random inputs. You can get barred from PointClubs if you make too many mistakes on these.

Want Some Really Good News?

I also have some great news for MoneyNuts readers. If you sign up using the link below, you’ll get $5 straight away in your PointClub account!

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