Go To An Ivy League University For Free

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke – this is July and you’re no fool if you want an Ivy League Education but aren’t willing to pay for it. Student loans are turning into an ugly joke for millions whose job prospects are minimal but their college debt will follow them around for life.

So, don’t pay to go to college. Get online and go for nothing. There are over 300 Ivy League Courses available online for you to take. Get your skills but don’t pay for them! That’s the way forward. A life without student debt is always going to be an easier life.

class central

Finding Them Is Easy

As is typical with big brands, the top universities decided that they would all start their own courseware systems. That made finding the right courses a nightmare. But now, you don’t even have to look through all those systems thanks to Class Central.

Class Central is a simple collation website that brings together every free course from Ivy League Universities together on one site. You still have to register on the course provider’s site when you decide what you want to do. But it does make life easier.

Yes, College Credit Too

What’s truly incredible is that more than 370 courses on Class Central qualify for college credit. Real, college credit of the kind that helps you get a degree.

You normally have to pay a little for certification on these courses but it’s still far, far cheaper than going to college. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to pay for certification, you can take the course for free if you just want the knowledge it provides.

I’m done with paying for certificates. I’ve never met an employer that pays for them – they pay for experience and skills. So, why bother?

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