How To Take Surveys And Make Money With Toluna

If you’re into getting paid for your opinion, and you should be then Toluna is one of the big boys of the industry. There are some really good things about Toluna and I’d encourage you to check them out if you’re trying to boost your bottom line in your spare time.

The Upside Of Using Toluna

Firstly, Toluna recognizes something that other survey sites don’t seem to – the fact that surveys can be really boring if you’re not interested in the subject matter. So, they let you pick and choose from surveys in many different categories. I like doing the food and car surveys but be careful, sometimes Toluna sends you to third party sites to do these surveys which can be a bit annoying.

There is also an endless number of surveys on Toluna. Unlike some survey sites, you’re never going to run out of surveys to do.

They also have a much higher acceptance rate than most survey sites, so you’ll spend more time earning and less time filling in pre-questionnaires for no reward.

I like their sweepstakes program and “gifties” program (where you use points to buy a friend a virtual gift but you also get a chance to win the real gift for yourself).

The Downsides Of Using Toluna

I find their surveys interesting and fun but I am going to be straight with you – they have a high cash out limit compared to other sites and that means you will need to do a lot of surveys before you can turn their points into money.

I also found that I got a bit of extra mail from Toluna’s affiliates and while some of it was useful, a lot of it wasn’t.


Toluna is a good but not great paid survey site. A solid second or third choice to kill time when your favorite site has no surveys to complete. I recommend it but not without some reservations.

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