How To Save Money On Weddings, According To Thrifty Brides

How to Save Money on Weddings

A wedding is the biggest day of most people’s lives. It’s also possibly the most expensive day of their lives too.

You do not need to reduce the awesomeness of a wedding to save money on it. We’ve got sme amazing tips that prove it.

So, don’t start married life in debt, just have an unforgettably wonderful wedding.

How To Save Money On Weddings Without Compromising Your Big Day

Say “No” To Saturday

Saturday is when everyone gets married and thus, it’s the day that costs the most to get married on. Shift your special day to Friday or Sunday and watch the costs drop by up to 25%!

Say “Yes” To Cheap Insert Cards

Wedding invitations in wonderful lettering in raised fonts are awesome. But there’s no need to spend that kind of money on insert cards. Print them flat, they’ll be fine.

Say “Yes” To Cheaper Card Stocks (Or Go Paperless)

Cheaper Card Stocks

It’s 2022, you don’t have to send out printed wedding invites at all. However, if you really must, consider using a cheaper card stock for them, it will save you hundreds of dollars and no-oone else will notice. 

Say “No” To Peak Dates

As with Saturdays, there are “peak times” of year for weddings, if you can avoid those times? The costs of venues, catering, etc. will all drop. 

Say “Yes” To A Nontraditional Venue

Venues used traditionally for weddings tend to put large markups on wedding rental. If you opt for a restaurant, a pub, a big beach house, etc. you get to make your wedding unique and save a small fortune. 

Say “Yes” To Using The Resources Provided By The Venue

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Many venues will happily include tables, chairs, tablecloths, etc. in the rental fee if you ask them to. This can save thousands for a big wedding. 

Say “Yes” To Department Store Dresses

Look. Nobody needs a handmade unique wedding dress. The only person who will know is you. Go to a department store, pick something beautiful, they will tailor it and you’ll save hundreds.

Say “Yes” To Borrowed Accessories

A wedding happens once in a lifetime. You don’t need to buy accessories for it. Ask friends and family to borrow awesome accessories and save, potentially, thousands of dollars.

Say “Yes” To The Florist’s Excess Inventory

Excess Flowers

Florists may have a warehouse full of excess inventory. If they do? They’ll be happy to sell it cheap, give it away or lend it to you for a song. 

Say “Yes” To Craft Store Decorations

You don’t need to buy specially made decorations for your wedding. Hit up a craft store and make your own for a fraction of the cost. They’ll be just as good too. 

Say “No” To Out Of Season Flowers

The easiest way to run up a huge flower bill is to ask for blooms that aren’t in season. Stick to flowers that grow locally at the right time of year and you can keep costs way down. 

Say “Yes” To Alternative Menu Options

Don’t say “yes” to the first menu you see. Ask for a range of menu options, you’d be amazed at how much prices can vary for slightly different menus. Opt for nice, but not bank-breaking.

Say “No” To A Widely-Stocked Bar

Keep the bar simple and relatively low cost. The fewer options the better. If the venue serves a “cocktail special” ask them to serve it in small glasses, most people try these and don’t finish them anyway. You do not need to treat your guests to Macallan 25-year-old for them to have a good time. 

Say “No” To Two Sets Of Seats

Don’t rent two sets of seats for the day. Use the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception. Even if you have to pay a “moving fee” it’ll be cheaper than renting twice. 

Say “Yes” To Store Bought Cake

Store Bought Cake

You don’t need a specially designed wedding cake, either. Store bought is fine. They look great and taste just as good but can cost hundreds of dollars less. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would notice this and even if they did? So what? They’re still getting cake, right? 

Say “No” To Unlimited Plus Ones

It’s best to only offer a “plus one” when you know both people in a couple. But don’t bend this  rule if you implement it, or some people will feel hurt. Otherwise, there’s no need to buy a complete stranger a meal and drinks – it’s your special day, not theirs. 

Say “Yes” To Intimacy

Cut down the guest list to people that you either really love or really have some sort of obligation to. Smaller ceremonies are nicer and cheaper. It’s your special day and the more interaction that you have with your guests, the more special it will feel. This is easiest when numbers are kept down. 

Say “No” To All-Day Photography

Photography, quite rightly, can get expensive. So, why not ask the photographer to cover the ceremony and say an hour or two of the reception rather than the whole thing? The fewer hours they work, the less they cost. 

Say “Yes” To Emerging Photographic Talent

Please don’t ask photographers to work for “exposure” but you can get a better deal on photography for a new and upcoming talent than a long-established local pro. So, do shop around. 

Final Thoughts On Saving Money On Weddings

It’s easy to save money on weddings without putting a damper on your enjoyment of the big day. It really is better to start married life solvent than carrying around a huge debt for a single day – you have the rest of your life to spend together, don’t forget that. 

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