How To Make Money With Surveys Sites

Make Money With Surveys Sites

So you want to make money with surveys? Darren and I argued a little over this one because when it comes down to it, I prefer to write about saving money and he prefers to write about making money. Yet, surveys are different. They don’t feel like work to me. I am getting paid to share my opinion. How amazing is that?

I am a small town American girl, living the American dream and big companies want to hear from me? It blows my mind every time that I think about it. So, we argued (though not very hard) and I won. I won because I am passionate about survey sites and I am sure you will be too.

Paid Survey Sites


If every survey site was like MindSwarms, I’d have retired by now. Most surveys don’t pay very much, though you can do a lot of them in a short time. MindStorms, however, pays $50 a survey!

But… their surveys are video surveys and not written surveys like most other surveys you’ll be paid for.  So, you must have a video capture function on your phone, tablet or laptop to get paid.

The best news is that they only take about 20 minutes. Imagine if you did nothing but answer these surveys all day! You’d earn a fortune. Unfortunately, there are never more than 1 or 2 surveys each month to be done.

Finally, MindSwarms pays immediately. Finish a survey and you can cash out. It’s that easy. It comes to your PayPal within 24 hours of asking for it. No excuses.


American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP)

This is one of the longest established and best-known survey sites in the business. They are owned by Decision Analyst, Inc which is one of America’s most highly regarded market research companies. That means they’re no fly by night operation and you can feel good about working with them.

They pay a certain number of points for each survey that you conduct through their site. When you have 1,000 points you can make a withdrawal in cash to either a PayPal or Hyperwallet account. It can take a little while to earn some cash at first but as you build a relationship with them – more surveys will arrive.



If we’re going to talk about Inbox Dollars than we have to talk about the industry elephant and that is SwagBucks. SwagBucks is massively popular and if you haven’t got an account already they’ll give you a bonus $5 for opening one.

They offer one of the lowest cash outs too and you can take a single $1 from your account and turn it into real money or a voucher for a near endless list of vendors.  If you’re feeling generous you can even donate your cash to charity.

Really, a SwagBucks account is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to earn more or save more.


Pinecone Research

Welcome to one of the more exclusive clubs on the Internet. You can’t just join Pinecone and if you visit their website, you won’t find a sign-up link! You need an invite to be able to use Pinecone and start earning money from their surveys.

Want the good news? We can invite you and the link below this paragraph will get you in. Before you sign up, you should know they pay by check or Visa gift card and you must withdraw a minimum $3 (easy to make).

The bad news? Occasionally, sign up is even closed to invited members. If you click the link and can’t sign up today, check back again soon. You will get in eventually.


Opinion Outpost

Another swaggering giant of the survey industry is Opinion Outpost. Why? Because behind the brand is SSI (Survey Sampling International, LLC) which is a titan of market research.

I like Opinion Outpost because you get paid for the surveys you do and they have a fairly low cash out level of $5. But, they also enter you in a quarterly draw to win $10,000 every time you earn a point on their site. I haven’t won yet, but I am sure I will one day or maybe it will be you? I hope so.


Harris Poll

Harris Poll is another site that’s been around for ages and is well-trusted. Sign up and be enrolled to answer questions and influence decision makers in government, corporations and non-profit organizations.


Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the most famous sites in the world. It is absolutely trustworthy and offers other opportunities to earn money beyond surveys. You really can’t go wrong with Inbox Dollars and the good news is that they give you $5 as a sign-up bonus. That’s a great start to earning, right?

You can cash out every time that you earn $30 and that won’t take very long at all. You can get paid by check or through a number of other options including vouchers for Amazon and other retailers.

Inbox Dollars has even been on ABC’s Good Morning America Show!



MySurvey claims to be the world’s number one paid survey website. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that they hand out a lot of money. They’d paid out over $30 million back in 2014 can you imagine how much they’ve paid out now?

It’s also nice that you can swap your cash rewards for gift certificates of a higher value. That’s always a good thing, particularly if you have kids and their birthdays are coming up. Amazon can do no wrong with our little ones.


VIP Voice

VIP Voice is less well-known, but I’ve found them to be brilliant so far. They claim to treat you like a VIP and they really do deliver on that promise. Win prizes including vacations and gift cards and MOST importantly, they still pay you to take their surveys! That’s two dips at the trough!

You can also get a guaranteed $25 VIP Voice Gift Card for some surveys which means that you can quickly start stacking up some serious cash for working on this site.



iPoll cates to us Americans but it also has a more international appeal and you can earn cash for surveys from a cornucopia of other countries through them too. They’ve paid out a lot of cash in the past few years and are well established (they used to be called SurveyHead).

They have the youngest registration age of any survey site with 17-year-old children welcome to join. AND if that wasn’t enough. They also pay a $5 sign up process. However, the cash out limit is a rather steep $25 though it won’t take long to hit that if you are trying hard.



Toluna is a big group and their rewards program is famous. The downside? You need 30,000 points to get paid. Surveys typically pay 6,000 points – so that means 5 (or more) surveys to get cash. However, this isn’t as bad as some other high limit cash out sites.

If you want, you can swap Toluna points for gifts from their catalog or for sweeps entries and you can do that as soon as you have 50 points. So, you may find that that’s the best way to approach Toluna.


Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos is another industry giant and they’ve been in business since 1975, so you can be sure of a payout. You can turn your surveys into cash, gift cards or even Visa Prepaid Cards.

Their biggest selling point is the loyalty program which adds extra money to the money you already have. So, the more you earn, you earn extra cash for it! Not bad, right? I like it very much indeed.


Global Test Market

Global Test Market don’t pay the best per survey but the one thing they can offer is a near unlimited number of surveys to take! That means you can earn more on GTM than on nearly any other site but don’t tell everyone or they’ll all want in.

Payout is in cash, gift cards or charity donations in $50 units. This is not hard to earn on GTM.


Reward Survey

Reward Survey is unique in that you can earn points that you can convert to free magazine subscriptions. Give it a try if you love magazines!

CLICK TO APPLY lets you make your voice heard! You can earn up to $10o, complete cool surveys, save money and collect freebies! I enjoy it…so will you!


Final Thoughts

This post could have been 5 times the length. These are my favorite survey sites for making money online but there are dozens more.

Here’s a promise: if you join all these survey sites today you’ll start earning money immediately!