How To Get Paid With InstaGC

You can use InstaGC, pictured here, to make extra money while you are on the Internet.

I am a huge fan of survey sites for filling your spare time and turning it into cash. They are easy to get accepted to, most of the time and the rewards are fairly instant. While they aren’t the most generous payers, they can really help when you’re on a tight budget and looking to add some cash to your bank balance fast.

InstaGC Is A Survey Site With Some Extras

One of the most popular survey sites is InstaGC and they don’t just offer surveys for you to make cash. In fact, you can also listen to music, watch videos, visit other websites, pick up paid offers (and free offers too), and refer other people to their program for cash!

The payouts are really easy to claim in comparison to some of the competition. Firstly, there’s no ridiculously high bar to getting paid. InstaGC’s minimum claim is just $1 and you can be paid in online gift cards (that’s where the “GC” comes from) or in cash.

I was struck by just how many different gift cards there are to choose from. This is much better than a stodgy choice between Amazon and PayPal.

There is a sign-up bonus (which you’ll get from using the link below) but it’s not very much. It’s just 10 cents (10 InstagGC points, each point is worth 1 cent at the time of writing) but at least it’s something.

It also works great with mobile and that’s a refreshing change.

The Downsides of InstaGC

Some activities aren’t that well paid, you’re not going to earn a fortune watching TV but… you can always run it in the background and just let the pennies roll in.

There’s also a bit of a delay between doing something on InstaGC and points turning up in your account. It’s not ridiculous but they aren’t quite “instant” either.

As usual, you can’t make InstaGC your only survey site but it does very well as part of a portfolio that you play with in free moments where you can’t do very much else to earn money.

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