Help! My Blog Only Made $46 In Its First Month!

This week, Melody has written to us and said, “Help! My blog only made $46 in revenue in the first month. This is terrible, right? What do I do? I need this to become a full-time thing and I can’t live on $46 a month! What do I do?

Hi Melody!

Darren normally writes about blogging, but I wanted to take this because I feel your pain. It’s pretty distressing when you put in all that work and you only end up with $50, isn’t it?

Do you want to know something? When Darren and I started our first blog; we made $0 in the first month. We made $0 in the second too. In fact, it wasn’t until the 5th month that we made our first $23. Last month, our blogging activities (across many blogs, not just this one), earned over $30,000!

You see, it takes time to make money as a blogger. This is a good thing as well as a frustrating thing. It’s good because most of your competitors will quit before they get it right. They’ll do loads of work. Make no money. Then tell everyone it’s impossible to make money blogging.

That means you will have far fewer competitors than if they just knew the truth. Blogging takes time to make money. Most people make $0 in the first 6 months. A few hundred in the next 6 months. Then thousands in the 2nd year. And enough to live on in the 3rd year.

So, congratulations! By making $46 in your first month – you’re doing better than we did. You just have to hang in there. We visited your blog and we thought it was brilliant. Once, you have 12 times that content and a year behind you – you’ll be making a load of money. Better still? Once the money starts flowing. It doesn’t stop.

You can take a week or even a month off, whenever you like and still get paid! So look forward to that.

Sincerely Yours,