How To Make Money As You Travel, According To Digital Nomads

We can’t save all the time, right? Sometimes we need to go and have fun and one of the ways that Darren and I have fun is to travel.

Travel opens your eyes to other cultures and traditions. It broadens the mind and deepens the soul. It’s also, unfortunately, often quite expensive but there’s now a way that you can make a few dollars of your costs back using Grabr.

What’s Grabr About?

Grabr is a San-Francisco based startup that tries to help travelers connect with people in their destinations who want to buy goods in the place they are traveling from.

So, for example, somebody in Brazil might ask a traveler in New York to bring them an iPhone. Then the traveler gets paid a commission when the phone is delivered.

The Fine Print

The traveler has to buy the goods themselves, but the recipient has to pay Grabr at the same time. Then, when the goods are confirmed as delivered, the money is released to the traveler.

Grabr takes a 7 percent cut of what you make in profit. So remember to factor that in when you agree on a price.

How Does This Work?

It works because buyers in places like Brazil face extortionate local taxes. Even after paying Grabr and a traveler to bring something for them – Brazilians save about 30% of the costs compared to buying the same product locally!

So, if you travel light as Darren and I often do, turn the spare space in your luggage into cash and make someone else very happy with Grabr.

You can get more information on their site here.

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