How Do You Get Started With Making More Money?

James wrote to us this week and asked, “How do you get started with making more money? There’s so much advice out there. Where do I begin?”

That’s a great question James and I’d be happy to take it. (This is Darren). Here’s what Susan and I did when we got started.

Money Making Information Overload

You’re right. There’s a ton of information out there. We can be guilty of giving you a lot of information here on Money Nuts too.

Take our post: 52 Ways To Make Extra Money – that’s a lot of ideas. I understand how that can overwhelm you.

Our Plan Of Action

So, here’s what we did. We looked at a post like that one and we decided we’d quickly pick our favorite idea from that list. Say “Make money from surveys” (one of Susan’s absolute favorite ways for us to make money).

Then we’d look for some information on which survey sites paid money. We’d sign up for 10 of them. And then we’d spend the next month working on surveys.

A Review Period

At the end of the month, we’d review our progress and see whether surveys were providing what we wanted.

If they were – we’d keep going (we did, and still do, a lot of surveys). If they weren’t – we’d ask “will this get better?” (some things like blogging, for example, take more time to make money) or “is this not for us?” (Some things just aren’t for everyone even if they do make money).

Then we’d either keep going or quit that activity.

Can We Do More?

Then we’d see how much time we could spare to do something new. If we had time – we’d go back to “52 ways to make extra money” and pick our next favorite activity and start that.

The trick is to be decisive. To be aware that some things work better for some people than they do for others. To pick something that you find exciting and to try it. If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, either try harder or ditch it and pick something else.

As soon as you make a decision – stop reading about anything else, stay with that decision. Take action and turn it into money.

As always, I recommend that you start with blogging. It’s the biggest source of income for Susan and I. But you should choose what most appeals to you.

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