Get Into Ipsos I-Say And Put Money In Your Pocket

Ipsos I-Say is for Americans, Canadians, and Brits to earn a little extra cash in their spare time. It seems unlikely, at this moment, that they are going to offer the service in other markets.

Sign up is free and it’s pretty painless so you can get earning cash quickly if you are from a qualifying country.

Making Money With Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-say is all about surveys. There are no product trials or downloads or movie watching schemes. That’s not always a plus but it does make interacting with the platform as simple as can be, when there’s only one activity – it’s hard to go wrong.

Ipsos pays people in points and there’s a big points reward for a fully complete survey and a smaller one if you take part of a survey and are then turned down. That’s better than many survey providers who give you nothing at all for the rejected surveys.

You get bonus points as you complete more and more surveys too.

There’s also a “poll or predictor” game after each survey which lets you guess what percentages of people gave a specific answer to a question, if you get these right you get “chances” (not points) which can be used to win prizes in sweepstakes run by Ipsos.

Payouts are quick (in fact if you choose gift cards they are instant, cash takes a little longer via PayPal or snail mail).

The Downside Of Ipsos I-Say

I don’t find it too hard to get surveys on Ipsos-I-Say but I know other people who really struggle. It seems to be a bit random as to who gets accepted for what. I think if you’re patient, eventually you’ll start getting good batches of surveys but you may need to wait a while for them.

Overall, I find Ipsos-I-Say to be one of the best-paid survey companies!

You can sign up today here.

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