Get Extra Cash With Global Test Market

A big wad of dollar bills!

If you’re looking to bring in a little extra cash. Then you could do worse than take surveys from home. They aren’t going to make you into a wealthy magnate, but they are a great way to take your first steps into making some extra cash.

They’re easy to do and the extra money can be saved to start something better or spent on the things that you really need.

So, with that in mind let’s check out Global Test Market.

A Solid Reputation

Global Test Market is one of a number of survey sites that is owned by Lightspeed Research. They are one of the biggest players in the game and they say that they currently have 5.5 million members in the Global Test Market program!

It’s free to get started. Surveys pay much better than most of the other survey providers. It is, however, one of those points-based schemes where you get paid points and then you swap them for rewards of your choice (either cash or gift cards).

They are not a fast payer but they’re not the slowest either. Roughly 5 weeks is the payout time from when you put in a claim for cash.

There are also a bunch of perks such as cash sweepstakes. One of the nice things about Global Test Market is frequency, you’ll get 2-3 survey offers a day. That’s much better than most survey sites.

However, the flip side of that is you have a minimum withdrawal of $50 which is higher than at other survey sites. This shouldn’t be a worry as you can easily make $50 a month or more with Global Test Market.

Overall, What I Think

I think Global Test Market may be one of the best ever survey sites. It’s consistently well-paid and better still there’s always work to be had.

Sign up for free today and start using Global Test Market immediately, don’t miss out on easy money.