Get Easy Cash From MySurvey

Money, like the kind you can make doing surveys.

MySurvey is a survey site that pays you to complete surveys. As many of you will know, I am a big fan of these types of sites. They won’t get you rich but they will start you earning money from home. That’s money that you can use to invest in other things or to improve your standard of life.

I recommend that you take the money and use it to start your own blog. That’s the best way to make good money from home. Trust me, that’s why I blog.

What You Need To Know About MySurvey

MySurvey was launched all the way back in 2001 thought it was bought out by Lightspeed Research back in 2010. They’ve paid out over $15 million in cash and rewards to their survey takers over the years – so they are 100% legitimate.

They don’t pay “cash” for surveys. They do pay “points” for surveys. These points can be turned either into Gift Cards (such as Amazon and about 60 other options!) or they can turn into cash in the form of PayPal transfers.

It’s worth noting they’re not quick to deliver payouts which can require up to 8 weeks for processing. However, their surveys are more fun that many of the others and there are a decent number of them each month.

They also offer a bunch of free-to-enter sweepstakes for members AND they have some product testing surveys (where you get a free product to test) which pay out very reasonable sums of money compared to most survey companies.

It takes about 5 minutes to sign up and they’re open to people from North America, Europe and Oceania which is the widest catchment area for any survey site.

What I Think

MySurvey is a great site and as long as you don’t need money today, you should definitely sign up. The only drawback is that long wait to get your pay.

Sign Up For MySurvey Today – You’ll Be Glad That You DId