12 Easy Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

It’s easy to get free Amazon gift cards if you know what you’re doing. And because Amazon sells pretty much everything under the sun, their gift cards are the same as real money.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Also, because they don’t sit in your bank account, they’re often easier to save and then they can cover the big cost items at christmas, on birthdays, etc.

Do you want to know something? It’s easy to earn Amazon gift cards in your spare time. If you don’t want to start a business or get a second job, this might be something you can enjoy as an additional revenue stream.

Let’s be clear, nobody can retire on free gift cards, but you can get a lot of please from them. I love these programs and while they’re not my focus in life, I like to earn a gift card every week or two for kicks!

So, let’s look at how to get those gift cards flowing through the virtual door.


Swagbucks is one of the most best ways to make money online. They offer discounts, cash back, paid surveys and more. You can earn Amazon cards for completing surveys, taking product trials, watching videos and playing games (really) as well as shopping and doing your online searches through their portal.

Best of all, there’s a $5 signup bonus for Swagbucks which means you can spend the day you join!

Get more info here.

Survey Junkie

As you know, I am a huge fan of surveys to earn a few extra bucks and Survey Junkie is a great site to get some Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal credit from. The good news is that their surveys are often short and can even be done in the bathroom!

Get more info here.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a bit like Swagbucks and they really do reward you well for the same activities. I like playing the online games for money best but there’s a lot more to Inbox Dollars than that. And just like Swagbucks there’s a $5 sign up bonus to be had!

Get Info


You don’t even have to go online to get yourself some Amazon gift cards. Those Coinstar machines are everywhere and if you take Amazon credit instead of cash, they wave the service charges! That’s a great way to get full value for your spare change.

Find A Coinstar Kiosk Near You To Turn Your Coins Into Amazon Credit


Also in the Swagbucks vein but with a more international flavor is instaGC. While many of the programs here are only open to Americans, instaGC is more inclusive and while Americans can earn by watching videos, surfing the web and more, so can Canadians, Europeans, Indians and Japanese folk too.

Start Getting A Stack Of $1 Amazon Gift Cards At instaGC Today


ShopKick wants you to get out of the house and go to the mall! This makes it one of the more fun ways to make your Amazon gift cards. You earn cash for any of three activities: walking into a store, scanning barcodes in stores, and buying things. You don’t have to make any purchases to get paid though. I also like the fact that you can start withdrawing cards at the $2 earned mark.

Get Out Of The House For Your Amazon Cards With ShopKick


PrizeRebel is a new twist on the theme. You complete surveys to compete against other members to win Amazon gift cards. That means there’s a lower chance of a gift card but when you win, it’s a much bigger gift card! Don’t count on PrizeRebel but it can be the most profitable site of them all if you use it as part of a bigger strategy. They’ve paid out over $10 million!

Compete For Amazon Gift Cards With PrizeRebel

American Consumer Opinion

I can make one or two cards a month out of American Consumer Opinion and that’s for a couple of easy to complete surveys. This is one of the best programs out there for reliable extra money each month. You can also claim your money in cash or by PayPal.

Join American Consumer Opinion For Extra Money Each Month


Ibotta is the granddaddy of the whole rebates and rewards game and you can get cash back in Amazon gift cards at over 230 stores and that includes Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreen, CVS, etc. and that means nearly every time you shop.

Get On The Ibotta Program For Extra Cash Now

Final Thoughts On Amazon Gift Cards

So, there you have it. My favorite programs to get free amazon gift cards. You can join all of them and start feeling the benefits of extra spending money immediately.

For additional savings you should check out some of the top cashback sites here.

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