Everything That You Need To Know About Credit.Com

A signpost with Credit Report written on it in order to describe the main service provided by Credit.com for free.

It’s hard not to like credit.com. While many people suspect that it’s something of a scam as they offer a great service for free, it’s actually run by top-notch financial professionals.

Now, of course, they hope to make some money from you – nobody can work for free but they’re very transparent about how that works. So, here’s what you need to know about Credit.com.

The Free Credit Reports Are Free

Yes, really. If you want a free credit report, then Credit.com will supply you one and there are no hidden charges or nasty tricks. Now, it’s not a full FICO report but it’s more than enough for you to identify problem areas with your credit and to enable you to begin addressing those areas.

The Education Is Free Too

Just like Money Nuts, Credit.com provides a host of articles and education relating to money matters. They have a narrower focus than we do because they are all about credit scores but there’s plenty of great information which comes at no cost at all there.

How Do They Make Money?

Credit.com sells credit-related services. This includes full FICO credit score reports, identity theft protection, and credit monitoring services.

It was founded by Adam Levin, who was once a director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and that gives Credit.com a lot of credibility when it comes to doing business in the right way.

Can I Access My FICO Score For Free?

Sometimes, Credit.com runs promotions with sponsors that will provide you with a FICO score in exchange for doing something; like applying for a loan or subscribing to another product. These deals aren’t always the best deals and it’s worth shopping around for the right one for you.

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