Good and Cheap Teaches How To Eat Well on $4 A Day

Hi, it’s Susan and this week I want to talk about one of my favorite books ever! It’s a cookbook by Leanne Brown and it’s an incredibly important book if you want to save money.  Here’s the lowdown!

The Positive Stuff

I am going to gush about this book, so let’s get into what makes it so good. Leanne was studying for her Masters Degree at New York University when she asked the question, “How well is it possible to eat on $4 a day?”

She chose $4 a day because that’s the amount of money that the “food stamps” regime provides families. That is, it’s the amount that the very poorest Americans get to eat on every single day.

The answer turned out to be “surprisingly well!” Leanne found that you could cook a wide array of healthy, nutritious food with just $4 a day.

In Good and Cheap you’ll find recipes for Spicy Pulled Pork, Chile and Cheddar Quesadillas, Coconut Chocolate Cookies and much more! Leanne will show you how to trim your food bills without losing taste or quality in your diet.

Plus, for every copy of Good and Cheap that is sold on Amazon (or elsewhere) Leanne has pledged to ensure that one of America’s poorest families will receive a copy free of charge! So, you can save money and help somebody less fortunate than yourself learn about nutrition on a budget!

The Not So Positive Stuff

I don’t have any real criticisms of Leanne’s work. The recipes are great. Darren and I eat something from this book at least 3 or 4 times a week and that’s true even now when we have no debt and savings too.

If you’re serious about saving money, you need this book. It will change your life, positively, forever.

You can grab a copy of Good and Cheap online here.

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