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There are worse things to do than getting paid for searching the web and QMEE promises to do just that but does it work? I think it does and here’s what I’ve found from using the service.

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Three Ways To Make Money With QMEE

If you want to earn a little extra cash with QMEE, you get three choices of activity: browsing the web, taking surveys provided by third-party entities and referring friends to the service.

Given that you will browse the Internet anyway, it seems daft not to get paid for it. You have to install a specific plugin for your browser and then use certain sites for search (including Google, Bing, and Amazon – so you won’t find yourself limited by some obscure search engine) to get paid.

You get paid every time you visit an ad provided in the search by QMEE. You have to visit for about 30 seconds for it to track your payment though.

Product based searches, no surprises, tend to have more of these adverts than any other types. I like the surfing aspect and while it isn’t going to pay out millions, it’s a nice little bonus for being online.

I was less impressed with the surveys and found that the qualification rate was so low, that I only turn to QMEE when all other survey sites have no surveys for me either. They pay OK, but acceptance is few and far between, at least for me.

Referring friends is pretty easy and every time someone cashes out, you make $1. It’s a nice reward for telling your Facebook network they can make some money too.

The Only Downside To

You don’t make enough money with QMEE to get paid fast. In fact, with a $20 minimum, a month or so is most likely.

So, don’t make QMEE your mainstay for surveys but do use it for paid search every little bit counts when it comes to your time.

You can more details on their site here.

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