Get Good Money For Dog Walking With Rover

Are you a pet lover? I am. I think there’s something so magical about the bond between a human and an animal. Darren sometimes says that he thinks that I’m going to leave him for a pet one day, I love animals so much. He’s joking, of course, but I am not joking about the opportunity I am sharing with you today.

Look After Other People’s Pets For Cash

I had never realized how many dogs there are in America until recently. According to 2017’s statistics, there are nearly 90 million of them!

That’s a lot of dogs. One for every three people in the country, in fact. And that means there are a lot of busy people out there with money to spend on someone else taking their dog for a walk.

A lot of them.

Did you know that a dog walker can make around $20 an hour in most of the country? That’s $20 an hour for an unskilled job that’s good for your health. That’s better than flipping burgers in a fast food chain, right?

The Problem With Paid Dog Walking

The issue with dog walking has been that many people don’t seem to feel the need to actually pay their dog walkers because there’s little come back on them if they default on the deal after their dog has been walked.

Now, Rover has solved that problem for you. You sign up with the site and they connect you to pre-screened users who have paid for dog walking services. You can also earn a little extra cash by referring your friends and family as additional dog walkers.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. If you are physically capable to walk dogs, this is easy work for a good rate of pay. What more could you want?

Head over to the Rover site to get started!

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