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One of the finer arts of money management is ensuring that every time you spend money, you get the best value for it. I like cash back sites as part of my process for getting value out of my purchases. One of the better ones is Checkout 51.

How Does It Work?

Checkout 51 has a list of approved products which you can purchase. Unlike many other cashback apps, there is no requirement to shop at a specific store. That means you can shop around for the best deal or pick something up where it’s most convenient.

When you purchase the item, you then upload the receipt to Checkout 51. Once the receipt has been reviewed, a process which is usually very quick, your account is credited with some cashback as applicable to the offer you purchased.

Once you hit $20, something that I don’t find very difficult most months, you can ask Checkout 51 to pay out.

Checkout 51’s Minor Drawbacks

When you ask for your money, Checkout 51 drafts and then sends you a check. This is my only real whine about Checkout 51, for an Internet company to be using checks rather than PayPal feels pretty stone age to me but I’ve never had a problem receiving one of their checks – it’s just a bit slower than other similar apps.

Another minor gripe is that Checkout 51 doesn’t have a friends and family sign up offer, so promoting it doesn’t get you any rewards – you have to shop and scan the receipts to make your money. Webmasters should note that this doesn’t mean there is no affiliate program but individuals get nothing for referrals.


Overall, Checkout 51 is a completely legitimate cashback app with a great track record of delivering results. I highly recommend that you sign up today.

You can check them out here.

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