Brian Clark’s Blogging Success Story – $1 Million A Month!

If you’ve read anything on Money Nuts, then you’ll know that Susan and I love blogging and it’s the way that we’ve made our fortune. 

However, if you’re wondering whether our claims of $30,000 a month are outlandish, we’d ask you to think about Brian Clark.

Brian Clark Makes Over $1 million A Month Blogging

You don’t have to take our word for it, either, he’s in Forbes’ magazines list of most well-paid bloggers. Also, he’s only number 6.

Brian was the original founder and writer of CopyBlogger. It’s a blog completely dedicated to the written word. It’s been invaluable to us as a source of training to help us write our blog.

In 2006, Brian took just $1,000 in seed funding and decided to launch a blog. Today, it’s one of the world’s best-known blog sites and serves millions of people each year.

The idea is simple. Copyblogger explains all the complicated nuances of written marketing and makes it easy to understand. In short, Brian blogs about what he was good at. He was an online marketer for 8 years before he started the site.\

Blogging Makes Bigger Things

Brian didn’t stop with CopyBlogger. He founded a bigger umbrella company called Rainmaker Digital which not only provides training and insight via Copyblogger but also designs tools for Search Engine Optimization, Blogging Management, Social Media, etc.

CopyBlogger’s founder told Hubspot that the three keys to blogging success are:

  • Write great content that can be shared with others
  • Understand how social media works and can support your blogging
  • Form real relationships with other people to spread the word in real life

Blogging Success Is Not A Myth

The story of Brian Clark is just one of many that proves that someone, with the determination to succeed, can make a lot of money blogging. Tucker Max’s story which we shared a few weeks ago, shows the same.

You can check out Copy Blogger here.

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