10 Best YouTube Channels For Personal Finance

Personal finance is a big topic area and there’s a lot to learn and it can feel a bit overwhelming to try and pick everything up from a book.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of great advice online now and these best YouTube Channels for Personal Finance are all free and on point. Check them out!

Bigger Pockets

This may be one of the best-known resources for real estate investing on the Internet and it’s packed with excellent videos.

We like that they also include all their podcast episodes here and the whole channel is packed with value.

Dig in!

White Board Finance

Marco Zlatic’s channel is incredible, he’s all about personal finance, stocks and shares, real estate as well as entrepreneurship! You quite literally can’t go wrong here.

His warm and affable style combined with an emphasis on open and honest communication with his viewers makes White Board Finance a fantastic viewing experience for everyone.

whiteboard finance

Andrei Jikh

What could be better than personal finance and sleight of hand? That’s what Andrei has to offer and he’s amazing!

We like the combination of card tricks and solid, down-to-earth, practical advice and the fact that he won’t allow ads on his channel.

He’s also very funny and charming. 

andrei jikh

Graham Stephan

Graham became a millionaire, by taking his own advice, at the age of 26. Now? He’s 28 and he wants to help you learn to do what he did.

Sure, he’s young, but he can walk the walk not just talk the talk and his information is really well presented and enjoyable to follow. 

graham stephen

Ryan Scribner

Ryan covers a broad range of personal finance on his channel though he does place an emphasis on building yourself a solid portfolio of stocks without spending huge money to do so.

He can also help you reduce your cost of living, pick up side gigs, see the world for less and much more.

Don’t miss out!

Ryan Scribner

Coin Bureau

If you want to master crypto and who doesn’t in the 202Xs? Then you need Coin Bureau, a channel that aims to cut through the mystique and help you make rational decisions about whether or not to invest.

Some of the videos can be a little long-winded but that’s because the host clearly wants to drill down into as much detail as possible. It’s worth staying the course on these videos.

Coin Bureau

Joe Fairless

Joe’s one of the most popular financial podcasters out there, so it should be no surprise that he has a YouTube channel too.

There’s a lot here that’s aimed at professional investors, but there’s still plenty that works at the personal level and his focus is always on creating truly passive income. 

Joe Fairless

Financial Education

His viewers know him as “Jeremy” and he’s one of YouTube’s more popular financial educators as he’s making his money in real time as his viewers watch.

One thing we really like about this channel is its emphasis on saving money to get the seed capital together to do bigger things. 

Financial Education

Meet Kevin

Kevin made $1 million, in a single month, in May 2020 and he and his wife run a YouTube channel to help you learn how he did it.

In 2012, they bought a run down house, did it up and sold it for a profit and they have never looked back. If you follow their advice this could be you as well! 

meet kevin

The Financial Diet

This is another Millennial/Gen Z-centric financial YouTube channel but we’d encourage everyone to take a look at it as it’s a lot of fun.

They also go beyond finances to look at wellness and lifestyle and how they can affect your fortunes and your money.

The Financial Diet

Final Notes

If you want to get more out of your personal finances, these YouTube channels are all going to be helpful in deciding how you want to save and invest for your future. 

There’s nothing better than reaching a point in life where you don’t have to work and the money still keeps rolling in and that’s where these YouTubers are at, why not join them?

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