Top 10 Best Podcasts for Crafters and Makers

If you want to get better at crafting or even turn your crafting into a business, then you’re going to appreciate a little support as you do.

Our top 10 craftiest podcasts for makers are exactly what you need and they’re all free to listen to!

Create & Thrive

Jess from Create & Thrive has been running her own craft based business (plus blog and podcast) since 2008 and she wants to share her passion for all things crafty with you.

She’s super happy but also super realistic about the work it takes to make your own business into a success and if you’re serious about making money, her advice is top notch.

Create & Thrive Podcast

The LoveCrafts Show

Merion and Jamie host The LoverCrafts Show and she’s a maker with a passion for just about everything and he specializes in cross-stitch.

There’s a nice mix here in the joy of making things as well as getting a grasp on the thorny nature of making your hobby into a business. They know how to take you to the next-level.

The LoveCrafts Show

The Business Of Making

This is a side project of Jess at Create & Thrive where she’s teamed up with Deb and Makeala and together they talk to small business owners in the crafting sphere and tell them what they need to hear.

The Business of Making Podcast

The Crafter’s Box

This is an unusual podcast because it works in conjunction with a subscription box service and the idea is simple: you buy the box and when it arrives, they teach you how to make what’s in it.

But they also take a look at how you can then put these skills into use from a business perspective.

This is a great form of personal development for serious crafters and it’s fun too!

The Crafter's Box

Etsy Jam

Etsy is one of the biggest opportunities for would-be crafters and we can’t recommend Etsy Jam enough if you want to break in.

They share lessons other sellers have learned, do Q&A’s with sellers and much more!

Etsy Jam

Making It With Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto

If you really want to know what life’s like as a professional “maker” then this is a superb podcast because you get three viewpoints from different parts of the business.

They have plenty of inspiration to help you get started and then how to overcome the obstacles that appear in your way.

Making It

Etsy Success

Did you know Etsy make a podcast designed to help teach you how to succeed?

Well, they do and it’s called Etsy Success.

This is a no-brainer for new and experienced makers and sellers alike.

Etsy Success

Modern Sewciety

You have to love a good pun and we think, this is a great pun. It’s also a very good podcast for the professional quilter (or would-be professional quilter).

You’ll find out what motivates others, how to develop your skills, and listen to fascinating insights from other major names in the quilting world.

It’s really good.

Modern Sewciety

The Merriweather Council

Danielle Spurge who runs a business selling handmade products runs this fantastic podcast designed to help you to follow in her footsteps.

The Merriweather Council Podcast

Yarn Thing With Marly Bird

Marly Bird’s all about the crochet and if you want to know how to make a simple hobby like crocheting open doors for you and your financial wellbeing, you can’t go wrong here.

Yarn Thing With Marly Bird

Final Notes

It doesn’t matter what kind of craft business or hobby that you enjoy, there’s a free podcast out there to help you get better at it. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our craftiest podcast for makers, why not listen to one today?

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