10 Crafters Who Are Nailing It On Instagram

Instagram is an awesome and often underused resource for crafters who want to promote and sell their work.

Don’t know how to get started with this? Then check out these crafters who are nailing it on Instagram for ideas!

Girls Can Tell

Sara of Girls Can Tell is all about design aesthetics and seeing how you can take the simple and everyday item and elevate it to something amazing.
Her Instagram feed gives you a strong insight into how she does things, how the products she makes can be used and her overall style. It’s awesome and we adore it.

girls can tell

Opposite Of Far

Jessica Winter is one of our absolute favorite crafters on the gram and that’s because all of her stuff is aimed at kids and it’s just so darned cute! And who doesn’t like cute?

She’s also really into collaborative efforts which make her feed constantly fresh and exciting. This can be a great way to build your own business – working with others who are already known for their work.

oppisite of far

Ashley Goldberg

Ashely’s world is that of professional pattern design and her feed enables you to explore how she uses the world around her to influence her outputs.

We like how she’s unafraid to get right down to the basics as well as inspiring you with huge projects that transform spaces.

ashley goldberg

Oxford Pennant

This company is all about wool and felt they’ve gone from being a small niche provider to something much, much bigger.

We think it’s important to follow a few brands that were built on the back of professional crafting, they show you just how far you can take a successful crafting business. 

oxford pennant

Tugboat Print Shop

There’s printing and then there’s traditional printing and it’s the latter that the Tugboat Print Shop specializes in. It’s something so much more than printing is today. 

We love their hand carved woodcut printing process that delivers prints of an exceptionally high standard that really evoke mankind’s links and harmony with the natural world. 

tugboat print shop


Jesii’s feed is one of the most regularly updated that we’ve seen, she’s an extraordinary visual artist who is only too happy to take you behind the scenes of her work.

That means you get real insight into her process and how she creates and on top of that, you get to see how this influences how she lives and works. 

Jesii Crafts

Parrott Design

This is a lovely account and Parrott Design is a letterpress studio that we think everyone could easily fall in love with.

They’re living the simple life too and the business is run out of their own farmhouse in Maine.

We like the idea of living off the land and making a living at the same time.


Horrible Adorables

There is not a single Horrible Adorable that we wouldn’t take home and cuddle and our kids have several of their creations.

This is the ultimate in child-friendly creations with each creature lovingly bestowed with a unique and slightly odd personality.

horrible adorables

Rashida Coleman Hale

Rashida’s all about hand-crafted fabrics and it’s her illustrations that make these fabrics come to life.

Her Instagram account is an amazing journey through an artist’s creative world and we strongly encourage everyone to check it out. 


Love & A Sandwich

If you love plushies, you’re going to adore Love & A Sandwich which really excels at the creative process of plushy making.

Oh and did we mention, there’s a lot of cuteness here too?

love a sandwich

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more awesome in this life than earning your living doing something that you truly love.

Each of these crafters who are nailing it on Instagram is doing just that and so can you. 

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