10 Best Finance Instagram Accounts

Instagram might seem like an odd place to go for financial advice, but actually, it’s awesome.

You get bite-sized practical chunks of information, you can put immediately into practice.

That’s why we put together a list of the best finance Instagram accounts, so that anyone who wants fast and practical help with their finances can get it.

Kimberly H (Beworth Finance)

Kimberley is all about finance and to prove it, she’s a certified financial education instructor. That means she really does know what she talks about and memes about.

This is a great account to get involved with if you’re trapped in student debt or really need to rework your budget to accommodate your life.

Beworth Finance

Jen Smith (Modern Frugality)

Jen Smith started with umm… minus $78,000 to her name. She and her husband cleared this debt in two years and have been building a brighter future ever since.

She can teach you how to cut down what you spend, pay off the bills and debts and how to negotiate them down to get to your goals faster.

Modern Frugality

The Financial Diet

Sometimes, you have to learn about budgeting, because it’s the only way to build for a better tomorrow. If you don’t know what you have coming in and going out? You can’t plan.

The Financial Diet helps you to tackle budgeting and then harmful habits like emotional spending which destroy your future happiness.

The Financial Diet

Bola Subunki (Clever Finance Girl)

Bola’s one of our very favorite money experts and she’s fully qualified to teach finances too. She’s all about empowering women to understand and reach financial independence.

That shouldn’t put the guys off though, her advice is incredibly practical and not in the least bit sexist – it just works and makes you richer.

Clever Finance Girl

Kevin O’Leary

Canada’s Kevin O’Leary has become a hugely popular figure the world over since appearing on Shark Tank and he made his millions, initially, by building up and then selling a tech company.

Now? He’s all about sharing his experiences so that you can benefit from them and his advice is always spot on.

Kevin O’Leary

The Money Manual

If you want advice relating to investments, this is one of the best places on the Internet to go to because nothing is off-the-table when it comes to this account.

They’ll teach you about everything from mutual funds to the ins and outs of hedging and make it relevant to you and your finances. They also do some great (and hilarious) memes.

The Money Manual

The White Coat Investor

Jim Dahle began by seeking to share personal finance ideas with other physicians like himself but his idea grew way beyond that.

He specializes in helping professionals get rid of student debt and how they can budget their way to financial health.

The White Coat Investor

Tiffany Aliche (The Budget Nista)

Tiffany used to be a pre-school teacher, now she’s one of the best financial educators in the business and she specializes in helping women achieve their goals.

She’s been on TV, in all the media, and quite simply, she’s one of the people everyone needs to listen because she gets results.

Tiffany Aliche

Jeremy Schneider (Personal Finance Club)

Jeremy made a deal with himself, he wouldn’t buy a car until he made his first million. And he knew that in his $40,000 a year job that wouldn’t happen.

So, he started to save, invest and run his own small startup and now? He’s got that car and he wants to help you get yours.

Jeremy Schneider

Haley Sacks (Mrs. Dow Jones)

If you just want someone to explain this field in a fun and relatable way, then Haley’s your financial popstar. (Seriously).

She’s full of relatable anecdotes and practical tips that aren’t hard to put into practice.

Haley Sacks

Last Word

Each of these best finance Instagram accounts has a wealth (geddit?) of advice for anyone and it’s all free. Why not follow some of these folks today and start getting richer?

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