12 Best Apps For Financial Planning In 2023, According To Experts

Managing your money isn’t always as easy as saying you’re going to do it. That’s why we love to use financial planning apps. 

These handy smartphone-based tools allow us to automate much of our financial planning and save money more easily and even make better investments.

So, enjoy our best apps for financial planning, they’re awesome and there’s bound to be, at least, one that you can use to improve your finances.


The best of the free finance apps is Mint. Hands down.

Mint is an app built by Intuit, one of the world’s top accounting software providers, it allows you to easily develop a clear picture of all your finances.

You connect all your cards to the app and then it builds a picture of how you spend money and helps you create a budget you can stick to.

It even gives you free access to your credit score.

You can check it out online here.

Best Apps For Financial Planning

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

This is a subscription based deal which is more than just a personal finance assistance app. Using a set of rules, it enables you to make drastic savings in your life.

YNAB says that they save their users, on average, $6,000 a year!

You can check it out online here.



Acorns is a financial planning app that helps to round up all the savings that you make in a year and invest them into a financial portfolio.

So, when you spend $2.75 on a product that should cost $3, it invests the 25 cents for you.

You don’t notice the difference at the time, but when you check your portfolio after a year? It’s a substantial way to save. 

You can check it out online here.


Personal Capital

If you’re looking to invest as well as better manage your bank accounts, then Personal Capital is a shining star of the self finance app world.

We like that it can put you in touch with independent financial advisors to get even more detailed info than the app provides too. 

You can check it out online here.


Simplifi by Quicken

Quicken is software that goes a long way beyond app store personal finance and into the realms of complex accounting.

Simplifi, on the other hand, is their tool to help you develop a personal spending plan and then ensure that you stick to it. The automated features are super useful.

You can check it out online here.



Empower is the ideal banking app for financial planning in an emergency. It helps track spending and offers recommendations on how to save.

But it also offers emergency cash advances with no interest, credit checks or fees and that can be a lifesaver if you’re having a bad month. 

You can check it out online here.

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Prism lets you bring all your regular bills together along with your financial accounts and then it helps you track your payments and prevent late payments.

It’s an ideal personal bookkeeping app which lets you manage your money from a single screen. 

You can check it out online here.


Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard uses an intelligent algorithm to help track your spending and ensure that you stay on target with savings goals.

It’s an excellent choice if you want a zero cost solution to get you started.

You can check it out online here.

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Digit helps you develop a savings plan and when you stick to it? It automatically transfers money from your main accounts to a savings plan.

Over time, this can really add up and you’re not going to notice the money’s gone most of the time, because before Digit, you’d have spent it anyway.  

You can check it out online here.

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One of the top finance apps on the app store is Spendee and it lets you build shared wallets with other members of your household to share expenditure as needed.

You can also create individual budgets separately from the shared pool. 

You can check it out online here.



Zeta is a clever product which aims itself squarely at helping couples manage their finances, whether or not they operate joint accounts, etc.

It’s really easy to sync all your data to help manage bills and a household together.

They also offer some useful banking services if you need them.

You can check it out online here.


Every Dollar

Every Dollar is one of our favorite apps for financial planning and it’s from Dave Ramsey the acclaimed finance expert.

The expense tracker is a really useful tool to help you keep your spending under control. 

You can check it out online here.


Final Thoughts On Financial Planning Apps

So, there you have it, these financial planning apps are all super easy to use and they’re going to help you better plan your finances, save money and make better investments. 

Why not download and start using one today? 

If you need more money to put into financial planning why not check out our tips to save money, learn why being frugal isn’t enough, and learn how to save on accomodation on your next vacation? 

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