This is Money Nuts and we are Darren and Susan Gold. A few years ago, we thought we would never get out of debt. We had student loans, credit card debt, car loans and whatever we made, it was never enough.

We were positive that we’d never own our own home or have nice things in our lives. We were wrong. The trick was to make more money and to save more money. Some friends put us on the right track and we found that quickly – our debts were disappearing, and our savings were growing.

Things Have Changed For Us

Today, we own our home. We both drive cars without so much as a small loan between them. We have nice things and we travel when we want. It’s an amazing feeling.

They Can Change For You Too

Now, we want you to have what we have. So, we’re going to share our tips and tricks with you – for free.

Darren will show you how to make more money in your spare time or even full-time. Susan will focus mainly on saving money, but our roles aren’t set and we may swap over when one of us is super passionate about something.

How Do We Pay For This?

It costs money to run a website and we pay for this one by the use of affiliate links. That is some of the services or products we recommend pay us a small commission for referring people to them.

We want to stress that this doesn’t cost any of our users a penny. These commissions come out of the vendor’s costs and are never added to the cost of something. You pay no more with or without the commission.

Hey, maybe one day – you’ll be doing the same? That is once you’ve got the most out of Money Nuts and your life is golden too.

See you soon!