Need Money Today? 9 Ways To Have Cash In Your Pocket By This Evening

You go outside, and your car tire is flat, how are you going to get to work on Monday?

Your mates are all going to Mexico for a break, but you’ve got no cash to join them?

You daughter is sick and it turns out that the medicine she needs is going to leave you short for the month?

Whatever your reason is, we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. The unexpected bill arrives and we’re not ready for it. Either we go without or we get earning fast.

But how do you put money in your pocket fast? When you don’t have time to get a new job? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Get Rid Of Your Clutter

Selling off your clutter can be done as a yard sale (like here) or online.

Old books, DVDs, CDs, etc. They are all clutter and if you want cash, it’s time to collect up all the ones that you’ve read, watched or plain just don’t want anymore and get paid to be rid of them.

Fortunately, you can handle this from the comfort and safety of your own living room. Thanks to a handy little website called Decluttr. Sign up today,  give them the barcodes (or scan them with your phone) and they give you a shipping label. Print the label, send your stuff, they pay the day that they receive your old junk. Good, right?

You can get more info on the Decluttr site here.

Get Paid For Dog Walking

Seriously, there are always people seeking dog walkers. It’s well rewarded and it pays in cash. Of course, if you are terrified of dogs this might not be the right opportunity but for the rest of us – it’s ideal.

Craigslist often has adverts for dog walkers and I’ve found if a local store has a noticeboard, there are often people seeking dog walkers too. There’s also a specialist site called Rover which connects owners and would be dog walkers.

For more details check out the Rover website here.

Get Paid For Completing Online Surveys

I’ve talked about this at length in other posts but you can start getting paid quickly (if not the same day – it’s usually next day, particularly, if you don’t want cash but will take gift cards) for just giving your opinion online.

It doesn’t pay as well as dog walking, mind you, but nobody has ever been bitten by a survey, at least not yet.

Check out:

  • Pinecone Research which is the most popular survey company
  • Swagbucks who throw in $5 just for signing up
  • InboxDollars who also give $5 for sign up

We’ve got a longer article with over twenty survey sites you can join. Check it out here.

Go Green And Get Recycling

Colllect as many bottles as you can like this empty champagne bottles and sell them for recycling. You win, the planet wins.

Head out around your neighborhood and do some good. Collect all the bottles and cans that you can find and then pop down to your local recycling center and turn them in for cash. If you don’t want to do that – you may find that your local apartment or condo block has a recycling bin full of these things just waiting to be taken to the recyclers.

Turn The House Upside Down

Well, not the house but the contents of it. Get all your trousers and shirts and check the pockets. Flip the cushions off the couch and check down behind it. Rummage on the floor of the car. Anywhere you might have dropped a few pennies.

I once found 2 x $100 bills in a suit jacket pocket of Darren’s. Why he had put them in there and forgotten them, I don’t know. What I do know is $200 adds a lot to a week’s shopping budget.

Turn Your Coins Into Folding Green

A big pile of coins. Turn your coins into cash using Coinstar or credit unions.

I don’t know about your house but in our house, we have a routine for coins. I come home and dump the coins from my purse into a bowl. Darren empties his pockets (most of the time) and does the same. When the bowl is full… we tip the coins into a jar. When the jar is full, we visit a Coinstar machine.

On average, every 2 months or so, we cash up $50-$100 in coins!

Also, I understand that if you’ve got a Credit Union in your locale, they will take your coins and give you 100% of their value (unlike Coinstar which skims a little off the top for their costs and profits).

Get Those Credit Card Points Converted

I don’t like credit cards. They are robbery. If you carry a balance on your credit card, your best option is to pay it off and then never look at the card again until you can afford to pay back whatever you use, in full, each month.

Then credit cards become your friend because rewards can be substantial.

However, if you have a credit card reward points kicking around and you’re hurting for money – turning them into cash immediately makes sense, right? So, check and see what you’ve earned and get it paid out.

Get In Your Car

A phone hailing a taxi. With Uber someone else finds you your customers, you just drive.

Lyft and Uber both pay you to drive people around and they pay a decent hourly rate and you can get the cash pretty quickly (though not quite same day).

Don’t forget that the wear and tear on your car and gas money need to be taken into account but you can definitely earn some decent money quickly with these services.

Do Some Small Jobs And Stack Up Some Cash

You don’t need to move heaven and earth to get paid. You just need to find someone who has some chores that they need doing and go do them. Craigslist is, sadly, full of scammers and while you may get paid, you may also get ripped off.

Don’t despair, though, TaskRabbit is a great way to find this kind of work that you can rely on. Sadly, the service only operates in some cities. If you don’t live in one of those – try asking around your friends, neighbors and local business owners and see if they have anything that needs doing.

Sometimes, you have to get practical. If you need money fast, these are all great ways to get it.

If, however, you want to get paid long-term – then you can’t beat starting your own blog to earn some cash. It’s how Darren and I do it.

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