5 More Awesome Freebies You Can Get From Amazon Today!

Last week, I looked at some awesome freebies that you can get on Amazon, and this week, I’d like to look at some more. Almost everyone uses Amazon now and it’s important that you get as much value from Amazon as you can.

Remember: to get the most free stuff, sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial. It will save you a packet.

  1. Get free computer games. A lot of free computer games. If you have Amazon Prime, you’re eligible for Twitch Prime for free and that means you can get a load of free computer games. Most months they give away 5-6 titles but this month, they’ve given away 21! Games are free to keep even after your subscription expires.
  2. Lend and borrow Kindle books with friends. Yes, you’re not limited to borrowing from Amazon’s library, a friend can loan an e-book to you for free from their collection for up to 14 days! Get all your friends together and share the literary wealth. See how here.
  3. Free shipping. Prime members get free shipping on everything but Amazon will ship to non-Prime members for free as long as they spend $25 or more on eligible products. Every little helps, right?
  4. Get free stuff with points. It’s not just Amazon’s points that count for free stuff on Amazon – you can redeem points with other reward schemes. Check out the full list here.
  5. Prime Student gives you even more free stuff. Students get 6 months of free Amazon Prime as well as a bunch of additional benefits. That’s a complete no-brainer (if only for the free computer games). Get your student trial here.

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