The $5 Meal Plan: How To Save Big Bucks And Eat Healthily

Everybody wants to eat healthily, and everybody wants to eat well. But how do you do that on a budget? And more importantly, how do you fit all the meal planning into your already hectic life? Well, there’s a great solution for this and it’s only $5 a month!

Introducing The $5 Meal Plan

The $5 meal plan works like this. They went out and spoke to more than 2,000 families. They said they hated meal planning and that it took up far too much time in their lives. They’d rather spend time with the people they love than slave away trying to work out what to eat each day.

So, they created the perfect menu for these folks. They designed a rolling, interesting and varied meal plan and made sure that each meal costs no more than $2 per person! They also made sure that they were full of healthy options.

That Sounds Good, So What’s The Catch?

Well, I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 months now and I don’t think that there is a catch. As the name suggests this service does cost money –  it’s $5 a month but for that $5 you’re going to save about a day a month in meal planning AND you’re going to save a small fortune on meals.

So, I figure that you can make your $5 meal plan pay for itself over and over again.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. We’ve arranged for every Money Nuts reader to get a free 14-day trial of the $5 Meal Plan when they sign up using the link below.

So, there’s no risk at all. You can see if the service works for you without paying a penny!

You can sign up for free online here.

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