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Stop Eating Out, Save A Fortune

A worried looking restaurateur, maybe everyone's saving money and staying at home.

You want to pay off those debts and build the life of your dreams? Then you’ve got to get your costs down. One of the easiest ways to save cash is to stop eating out. How much cash can you save when you do? Let’s find out: The Shocking Number The American Bureau of Labor […]

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5 Great Freebies You Can Score From Amazon!

There is no bigger retailer apart from Walmart and that means we’re all spending money with Amazon. The good news is that you can also save a ton of money with Amazon. Here are 5 great freebies you can get from Amazon: Free music albums. There are a ton of free albums on Amazon. They’re […]

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Digit.Co How To Save In Your Sleep

A lady in bed happily snoring away because she's saving money.

If you want to pay down your debts and get ahead; you have to start saving. The trouble is that it’s hard to start saving. If you’re not used to it – it seems like wasting money. This is doubly so when you’re on a tight budget. It’s all well and good for personal finance […]

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Go To An Ivy League University For Free!

Nearly all these unis have free courses available online.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke – this is July and you’re no fool if you want an Ivy League Education but aren’t willing to pay for it. Student loans are turning into an ugly joke for millions whose job prospects are minimal but their college debt will follow them around for life. […]

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