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Do you know what the first step is in resolving your personal finances? It’s finding out exactly what your financial situation is. Don’t laugh. When Susan and I began this journey to our financial freedom, we didn’t really understand our money. We knew that more money went out of the house than came into it […]

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Seven Amazing Reasons To Retire Overseas

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We’ve been talking about travel this month and last month, we were focused on retirement. So, why not put the two together and examine the idea of retiring overseas? OK, that’s what we’re going to do, today. You see there are some very good reasons to take your retirement income and head overseas with it, […]

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Earn While You Search With QMEE

There are worse things to do than getting paid for searching the web and QMEE promises to do just that but does it work? I think it does and here’s what I’ve found from using the service. Three Ways To Make Money With QMEE If you want to earn a little extra cash with QMEE, […]

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