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Tips That Are Guaranteed To Save You Money Now

Saving money is really good fun, you can put the money saved into a piggy bank like this one.

I love saving money. It’s the biggest rush of them all. But there’s no point in saving money, unless you’re getting something you really need. I used to kid myself that when I went shopping I was “saving money” because things were on “sale”. I wasn’t. I was just spending money and making up an […]

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Top 10 Cashback Shopping Sites In 2019

A person holding the money they've earned from cashback sites.

Hi, it’s Susan and today, I’ll be walking you through the wonderful world of cashback shopping sites. I am a firm believer in “a penny saved is a penny earned” and this is the way to ensure that you save more than a penny on your shopping. What Is A Cashback Shopping Site? A cashback […]

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52 Ways To Make Extra Money

A tablet computer showing the word finance on screen, no surprises making money and finance are closely related.

Money Nuts is all about putting extra money back in your pocket. When Susan and I were looking to get out of debt and back in the black, we did a lot of research on how to get this done and we want to share it with you. One of the best ways, we found, […]

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12 Easy Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Logo, you can make money with Amazon if you know how.

Amazon Gift cards are awesome. Because Amazon sells pretty much everything under the sun, their gift cards are the same as real money. Also, because they don’t sit in your bank account, they’re often easier to save and then they can cover the big cost items at Christmas, Birthdays, etc. Do you want to know […]

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