2 More Awesome Ways To Market Your Business From Home For Free!

I recently looked at 2 free ways to market a new business. Now, I’d like to share two more with you. This is the way to turn an idea into money, so pay attention. You won’t be sorry.

E-mail Marketing Is Awesome

Every single website I run relies on E-mail Marketing. No joke. I don’t spend my time trying to get to the top of Google search… that takes too long and it’s too expensive. E-mail marketing lets me send out contact letters every day to everyone who opts into our list. You can do that too. And yes, it’s free. Most e-mail marketing companies offer free e-mails for the first 2,000 or so people on your list!

My tips:

  • Have a free offer or sweepstakes to encourage people to sign up. You need to get people on your list to make money from it.
  • Make sure that free offer or sweepstakes is aimed at the people you want to sell too. You’d be amazed how many people don’t think that bit through.
  • Make sure to use the auto-responder provided by your e-mail company to start the flow of communication with new subscribers rolling.

Guest Posting On Blogs Is Good

Bloggers are always searching for content. They have the traffic you need. You have the words they need. Approaching another blog to write a guest post is a great idea. They give you a link back and that brings in much-needed views and sales!

My tips:

  • Read the guest posting guidelines. Seriously, if a blog has these, read them and follow them. It will help a lot.
  • Know the blog’s audience and content. Make sure the guest post you offer has relevance to their site as a whole.
  • Offer something free to get the readers to visit your website. Make it good!

Want To Start A Business From Home? Try Blogging